Lena, Site Owner 2018

Warrior of God on a mission, with desire passion and pursuit. Called to serve, determined to finish the task, and complete her assignments.

Together with her husband, residing in the sunny states of Florida, and her babies, she lives to glorify God in all her doing. Her mission is to ignite hearts, as well as impact lives all over the globe, via Cyber Space through the gift within.

Woman of many task. Dedicated MOM, faithful wife to my husband of 12 years, happily married, and thriving. Prayer Warrior on stand, Intercessor when called to the task. Dedicated to igniting, and transforming hearts, for the KINGDOM OF GOD, and his RIGHTEOUSNESS. Mentor to many, Teacher by gift and talent, Blogger by desire and passion, Firestarter Ignite Community Mentor/Leader, and prayer group co-leader of God’s Kingdom Warriors Group. 

I started writing in my journal to pour out, and cope with unsaid feelings, and emotions, that I could not express in words, and here I am. You can find anything, from my personal prayers, to favorite scriptures, stories, thoughts about certain spiritual matters, life, issues, family, relationship, Wife Talk, fashion and so much more. My greatest desire is to share what God placed in my heart, and teach the bible. I have gained spiritual understanding through experience and perseverance, and cannot wait to share it at this table.

I have searched for treasures, indulged on the pleasures of this world, chased after its riches, but found nothing to satisfy my soul, until NOW! I am a former addict, fornicator, prodigal, who simply decided to go back to the father’s house. I gave up my all, surrendered all, sold everything, to gain everything!

Four years ago I ventured out on my journey to find Destiny, instead I found much more than I imagined. I found my passion, and calling. I love to encourage others on this journey of life, ignite hearts with desire, inspire minds to Dream BIG, to walk by Faith and not by sight.

You can so often find me curled up with a BIBLE studying, and dining with the LORD, at my TABLE, writing studies, recording sessions, or you can find me playing board games with my girls, reading books, and enjoying life. I love to cook, bake with my kids. Sewing is my passion, and designing is my hobby. I am a simple girl, in love with Jesus, and Purpose. You can also find me praying with my group or inspiring hearts to breathe via Firestarter Ignite, my close knit community. I love to share what GOD has made available to me, and give it away to others . He has done so much for me in my life, how can I not express his love, kindness, and affection towards me, and my family, to others?

A friend to many, a daughter, a sister, an igniter, and warrior for SUCH A TIME. None of it would be possible if I didn’t accept this call on my life. In 2016 I made a decision to RISE in my IDENTITY, ignite with PURPOSE, and pursue my DESTINY. I have not been the same since!  

Ignite with desire, pursue passion, discover your mission, complete your assignment.


A Table set for Soul Delight and Encouragement, designed to uplift and encourage the soul, on this journey of life.

Firestarter-Ignite is a TABLE of DELIGHT filled with Encouragement, Inspiration and Delight, derived from my book of life, and spiritual insight. It’s mission is to empower, and encourage the passerby to get excited about all things KINGDOM and to press through the battles, and hardships of life. I share what’s on my heart, through simple matters of life. This is my way to freely express myself as a writer, and as a follower of the MOST HIGH GOD.

You will see Personal Devotions, Prayers, Psalms and Proverbs Delight reflected through the lens of my everyday life. No matter where you are in life, you are bound to find something that would benefit your life. Pull up your chair, and glean from my table; varies selection of Delight is available at your convenience and request.

I try my best to be available and empower lives through the gift that God has made available to me. Thanks for checking me out! Come back and visit me soon.

The JOURNEY awaits!

Forgetting what is behind, looking forward to that WHICH IS AHEAD!
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Treasures of yesterday, jewels of tomorrow, pure knowledge of today.

I press towards a Goal

Yours truly, Lena