Hey there, Welcome to my site! I hope you find the site encouraging, and inspiring on this daily journey, and walk of life. Walking away, I am hoping you are impacted by what you read, and see here, and apply it to your journey.

A little about me

Site Owner and Blogger Lena

Warrior of God on a mission, with desire passion and pursuit. Called to serve, determined to finish the task, and complete her daily assignments.

Together with my husband, residing in the sunny states of Florida, and my babies, I live to glorify God, and hope to shine my light into a world around me. My mission is to ignite hearts, through my blog, and studies, as well as inspire lives all over the globe, via Cyber Space, through the gift within.

If you could describe me, in one sentence, I am a Woman of many tasks. I carry on many handles, and interchange my hats daily. I am a Mom, an Entrepreneur, a wife, leader, mentor and so much more. Wherever I am needed, I am there!

A friend to many, a daughter, a sister, an igniter, and warrior for SUCH A TIME. None of it would be possible if I didn’t accept this call on my life. In 2016 I made a decision to RISE in my IDENTITY, ignite with PURPOSE, and pursue my DESTINY. I have not been the same since!  

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I started writing in my journal to ignite and encourage my close-knit community Firestarter-Ignite on daily journey of life, then a desire birthed to share my personal studies, spiritual insights, and later my personal blogging moments, a bit further. You can find anything, from my personal prayers, to favorite scriptures, stories, thoughts about certain spiritual matters, difficult moments in life, issues in my spiritual walk, and journey, family treasures, relationship advice, marital concerns, fashion and so much more. My greatest desire is to share what God placed on my heart, what I learned, and how I applied it to my life, with the world around me.

I have searched for treasures, endulged on the pleasures of this world, chased after it’s riches, but found nothing to satisfy my soul, until NOW!

I am a PRODIGAL, who said ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I will go back to my father’s house, no matter the cost! He in turn PREPARED a TABLE of DELIGHT for me, called me his daughter, placed a ring of authority on my finger, clothed me in the robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS, dressed me in fine clothing, endowed me with every spiritual gift, made talents and gifts available to me, gave me a spiritual right to reign as his BELOVED daughter!

I gave up my all, surrendered all, sold everything, to gain everything!

I surrendered and ventured out on my journey to find Destiny, instead I found much more than I imagined. I found my passion, and calling. I love to encourage others on this journey of life, ignite hearts with desire passion, and pursuit, inspire minds to Dream BIG, walk by Faith, and not by sight.

What you will find here?


Just scroll through the site! You are bound to find much!

Treasures of yesterday

Jewels of tomorrow

Pure knowledge of today

Firestarter-Ignite is a TABLE of DELIGHT filled with Encouragement, Inspiration and Delight, derived from my book of life, and spiritual insight.

A Table of Delight?

Spiritual Delight, and Encouragement derived from my Table of LIFE, and journey, inspired by biblical insight, for satisfaction and pleasure.

It’s mission is to empower, and encourage the passerby to get excited about all things KINGDOM, and to press through the battles, and hardships of life. I share what’s on my heart, through simple matters of life, biblical insight, my daily discoveries, revelations, spiritual insight on scriptures, and so much more. This is my way to freely express myself as a writer, and as a follower of the MOST HIGH GOD.

You will see insights reflected through the lens of my everyday life. No matter where you are in life, you are bound to find something that would benefit your life. Pull up your chair, and glean from my table; varies selection of Delight is available at your convenience and request.

You just never know what you are going to get!

I might even share a few parenting tips, marriage advice, or relationship insight, and maybe a few of my favorite recipes… who knows


I administer a close knit community group mentoring Firestarter Ignite via the internet where I devote my time and energy, to empower and impact lives, through the gift that God has made available to me. Over the years I have gained an insight on the spiritual side of things, through my own life experience, and knowledge, that no one can take away.

I have endured MUCH to be where I am. I have faced fires, and struggled through valleys, but came out VICTORIOUS, not even smelling like smoke. The enemy tried to destroy me, by placing me into bondage, and fear, but GOD sustained me, and had a different plan for me.

You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you. “ 

Luke 17:21

Jesus the son of GOD, oftentimes spoke about this KINGDOM through the Parables, and conveyed a spiritual message to those that had open ears, and hearts – KINGDOM matters, analogies that are conveyed through simple matters of life.

He is speaking, but are we listening?

I share what’s on my heart, and impressed by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Comforter, Advocate, Helper, Leader, of all things!

We have the mind of Christ 

At my corner, I share things that are not easily talked about, or accepted. I have gone through much, and experienced much. This is my way to freely express myself as a writer, believer, and a fellow truth seeker. I love blogging, especially when it comes down to spiritual things, and sharing my personal stories via biblical insight. I’m not here to condemn, judge, call out anyone, or expose anyone, I am here to share my TRUTH, my insight, my STORY.

You be the JUDGE. If the shoe fits, wear it, if not pass it along to someone else

I believe in sharing, so I make this available to YOU. 

Thanks for checking me out! Come back and visit me, POSTS are updated DAILY.

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I press towards a Goal
Forgetting what is behind, looking forward to that WHICH IS AHEAD!
Yours truly, Lena