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Firestarter-Ignite is On the GO Website of Delight derived from my Journey of Life featuring studies, encouragement and spiritual delight. I share what’s on my heart, and mind, and hope to offer insight, in the midst of DAILY battles of life, to those passing by. My goal is to share my story, experiences, and offer up my expertise to the world around me, through the lens of scripture, as well as research and study, by igniting souls to Greater Purpose, and DESTINY. 

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Verse of the Day

Daily WORD for Delight and Encouragement
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Podcast on the Go

Studies via Podcast Audio at your delight
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Devotions and Reflections

Nourishment for the Soul and Spirit
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Cyber Studies

In-depth biblical studies for spiritual growth and development
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Community and Support

Accountability, as well as Mentoring Community
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Lena Joseph

God's Kingdom Warrior /Intercessor
Site Founder 2018

In pursuit of her Destiny and Calling, She is Woman of FAITH, Honor, and Wisdom.

She prays, she prophecies, she teaches, by the leading and moving of the Holy Spirit. 

Site owner, co-founder, of a few prayer groups, and communities. Close knit Private Community, Firestarter Ignite and Sword Study Delight, where she mentors, and teaches the Word of God. She encourages believers to press forward to the high calling of God, and step into Purpose. 

She is happily married to the man of her dreams, Frank beautiful flowers complementing her, she lives to glorify God in all her doing. Free from addictions, religion, as well as spiritual ignorance, she has set out on the mission to equip those lacking in the areas of Prayer and God’s Word. She devotes her time and energy to studying God’s Word, writing studies/devotions, and sharing her story.  

Lena serves at a local church RISE in the children’s department teaching, and instilling the word of God, into young hearts and minds, of the NEXT generation. She shares her knowledge,  insight and studies via  Firestarter Ignite Podcast.  You can often find her praying at God’s Kingdom Warrior’s Group, encouraging those connected to her. She is a servant of God first, and a Daughter of the most High God.  

All this is possible and more because she said YES to the calling and vision of God to pursue Purpose. 

I am passionate about studying the bible, sharing my story, and helping individuals find their path of success, as well as purpose, and designed destiny in life. I am a spiritual mentor that has worked closely with many to find their individual identity, and calling in life. I also administer a FB Community of those same individuals walking confidently in their purpose, in pursuit of their calling, changing, and impacting lives. You can join us, and grow with us. I also offer different Services. Fill out a Form to better serve you, and your need, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Life is not easy, but together we can make a difference in our world of influence, reaching out, to impact and change lives.

I believe that every person is unique in skill, gifting, and special ability, ready to be activated into Purpose, and Destiny. No matter the competition, your gift will make room for you. There is something unique and peculiar about you! You were created for SUCH a TIME as THIS! Now is your TIME to RISE and Declare VICTORY!

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You have an assignment to accomplish, a story to tell, visions and dreams to come to fruition, with GOD fighting on your behalf. My goal is to help you discover your assignment, through prophetic guidance and direction via ONE on ONE, OR in a group setting  mentorship. I have found my passion and calling to ignite hearts from within, to greater Purpose, and Calling. It is my mission to ignite and encourage yours!

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As a Mom, Warrior, Wife. I take on many hats and tackle different tasks throughout the day, and offer my insight into different situations, struggles, and victories in my day!

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