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I started writing in my journal to ignite and encourage my close-knit community Firestarter-Ignite on my daily journey of life, then a desire ignited to share my personal studies, spiritual insights, and later my personal blogging moments, a bit further. You can find anything, from my personal prayers to favorite scriptures, stories, thoughts about certain spiritual matters, difficult moments in life, issues in my spiritual walk, and journey, family treasures, relationship advice, marital concerns, fashion and so much more. I may even share content from members at the group, we have very talented writers, and anointed authors.  My greatest desire is to share my story, my journey, and reflect it in God’s light. 


Table of Delight

for the SOUL and SPIRIT

Where I share my heart and mind on the things that matter to me.

All pieces of your puzzle are coming together for your good!

Lena J

Together with my husband, residing in the sunny states of Florida, and my babies, I live to glorify God, and hope to shine my light into the world around me. My mission is to ignite hearts, through my blog, and studies, as well as inspire lives all over the globe, to seek the KINGDOM OF GOD above all else!
Lena Joseph
Founder 2018


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MY GOAL is to IGNITE and INSPIRE hearts

" Seek First the Kingdom"

Matthew 6:33

My passion springs from my own experience, and journey. I have been misguided and taken advantage of, abandoned, and rejected, BUT I have also found security and safety in my fathers arms, during those difficult times. When I got out of my pit I promised my father that I would do the same for his people. This is HOW my ministry started. I wanted to help ONE, and GOD led me to ONE, but he had OTHER plans for me. 

A ministry FIRESTARTER-IGNITE was birthed in the midst, my Destiny and CALLING.

Venturing out on my journey to find Destiny, I found much more than I imagined. I found my passion and calling. I love to encourage others on this journey of life, ignite hearts with desire passion, and pursuit, inspire minds to Dream BIG, walk by Faith, and not by sight.

I hope you find Firestarter Ignite encouraging, and inspiring on this daily journey, and walk of life. The journey of life is not easy, with many bumps and speeds, hindrances, and blockages, but if we link up encouraging one another, we are halfway there. It is my goal to see you get there! Walking away, I am hoping you are ignited, and inspired to keep pushing on your journey, to attain your desired GOAL pursuing your purpose, to reach your Destiny.

Thanks for joining my table! Come back and visit me, POSTS are updated DAILY.

Yours truly, Lena


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Lena J

God is my fortress, my divine help in time of trouble