Saydar Castro Texas, USA. Ex-Seventh Day Adventist. Powerful Warrior of GOD for God’s Kingdom.

“My walk began, four years ago, when I joined Seventh Day Adventist church. Not knowing much about scripture and teachings I delved right in. Though I had a funny feeling, about the false prophet, Ellen G White, I began to search the truth, by sticking with the bible. Then the Lord introduced, Lena Joseph to me. Our meeting produced biblical truths, as were not taught by SDA belief. I give thanks to God, for all the time, and effort, Lena spent with me a few years ago. Even times when I was stubborn, she was patient, and understanding, yet firm. With her biblical tutoring skills, I was able to come out, of the darkness, into the light.

Lena gave up a lucrative business, to tend to God’s flock, in her obedience to the LORD. He has given her many tasks, that she takes on. Despite being physically tired, she pushes on, being spiritually strong. She taught me, to be a Warrior for Christ, and trained me to be spiritually strong, giving up desires, that stunt my walk with the Lord. I could go on, and on; what an awesome, spiritual Warrior she is, but ya’ll already know that.

I’ve grown to love her, and her family, and may the Lord keep them, and protect them as I know he will.”

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God rode upon a cherub, He flew upon the wings of the wind... His canopy around Him was dark waters & thick clouds of...” Ps. 18:10-11

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