Warriors STAND TALL!!

Warriors STAND TALL!!

I could not sleep, it was 12 am, and I was STILL awake. Turning from one side to the next, I could not find any rest, something was keeping me AWAKE tonight. I began to search my heart, when I felt inclined to pray, and just wait.

Kingdom Prayer Warriors A prayer group, get together every night, at midnight to pray, and intercede for the nation, and situations at hand.

It was 12AM but no one came on the line, it was a bit STRANGE, because normally warriors would be on the line, praying.

What is going on Lord? Why am I awake, show me!

And right then a Woman of God called the group, just to check what was going on, and sure enough two more people were there. We were all there for a PURPOSE!

GOD SHOWED UP! AND HE SHOWED UP BIG! WE began to intercede for the hearts of Jacksonville FL, OTHER STATES, cities, leaders, pastors, and many other issues that surfaced in our conversation, and God answered. We encountered many attacks during this prayer, but as we prayed for one another, and covered each other, in UNITY and one Accord, prayer was deeper, and more intensified as we pressed in through the attacks, to Victory.

Then I saw myself in the spirit, in a vision as a warrior kneeling down, as he sometimes shows me, but this time I was wounded, just holding on, as if I just left the battlefield barely alive. – a vision

I began to pray, and intercede for the Warriors. If I am wounded, just imagine how many soldiers are holding on for dear life. I began to speak LIFE, and restoration into those wounds, and I saw immediate results. I felt strength return to me, that very moment. I was healed!

Then I heard a scripture in my spirit

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

2 Cor 4:8-9

I felt this, I felt pressed against the wall this week. I felt the despair, I felt abandoned, I felt struck down, persecuted, and crushed this past year. I held on for dear life.

God was now healing me, and all the Warriors who were wounded, and crushed from constant warfare attacks. God was restoring us, renewing us, and bringing us back to him, in the spirit. I saw it all!

This night is memorable. We had victories, we had battles, we fought and we contended, and GOD heard us!

Obedience is EVERYTHING! If you listen to his voice, and respond in FAITH, you will in-fact receive a reward

Who wants to pray at midnight, and contend for the needs of others in the middle of the night?! Warriors who know the price of the cross they carry. Warriors who know what’s behind the scenes, and WHO they are fighting.


Do you have a desire to pray? We need you, CONTACT me, and let’s step in the gap!


All Things Kingdom As I entered on this Journey of FAITH, I decided to take people along with me, so I created my corner. This is where I share my thoughts and my heart conserning different matters, and issues of life. Join my table, and delight your soul, through Inspiration Delight and Encouragement, where you can find satisfaction to your soul.

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