Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

(Philippians 1:6)

A finished product requires a process, before it becomes valuable, and profitable at the market. The scripture above lets us know that we are a process, until the day of JESUS Christ, constantly changing, constantly developing, constantly growing.

We are to GROW, and develop into something beautiful DAILY. We are in constant need of refinement, development, and growth. 

God does not require perfection from us, he requires our Obedience, and our Faithfulness. If we Obey the commands, given to us by the creator, then he is faithful to do what he said.

If we haven’t put in our all yet, today is the day.
If we haven’t tried our hardest, today is the day.
If we haven’t been supportive, today is the day.
If we haven’t been positive, today is the day.

If you haven’t been reading the word of God like you should, the time is NOW.
If you haven’t been studying like you should, no better day than TODAY.

That opportunity that line up, take it today.

That job you’ve been thinking about, apply for it today.

Today is the day to change things around. If we have not done our best, TODAY is the day, to turn things around.  Lets commit to doing our best, and watch how God steps in to take care of the rest.

As we are changing, we are developing into a beautiful product GOD will show off one day. Until then, WAIT, most valuable products are not made right away, they take time to develop.  In the meantime, APPLY scriptures, make changes, develop, and become all that GOD created you to be.

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