Forgiveness Prayer: Pray this Prayer when you are seeking forgiveness

Forgiveness Prayer: Pray this Prayer when you are seeking forgiveness

When you struggle to forgive someone who offended you, or hurt you, you must go to the place where you lost your blessing. The moment that put up walls and created silence. If you do not remember it, or cannot recall the moment, ask the Holy Spirit, the reminder to help you.  

Here’s a template of the prayer that I’ve prayed, to help me forgive, and let go. Maybe it can help you find what you are looking for. 


 Lord, these heavy burdens of mine, are too heavy to carry, these problems, and struggles, are too heavy to bear.  You know them by name, and situations at hand. Your burden is light, and your yoke is not heavy, BUT Greater is he that is within, then he who stands in my way. I can do all things, mighty things, marvelous things through Christ who gives me the strength.

Forgive me father

I was caught unaware, and ignorance got the best of me. I should have been more careful, but I let the enemy sway me, now I’m crying out in desperation, please save me. I fell into his trap, and he caught me with his net, but you rescue those who are caught in despair, and deliver them from all their troubles. Forgive me, and my offenses, blot out my transgressions, have mercy on me. I repent of my ways, and seek to honor you, and your name. I trust that you will see me to my rescue, provide for me, shield me, and protect me from my enemies.

I forgive myself and those who have wronged me in any shape or form.

No evil shall befall me no disaster come near my dwelling. Command your angels to guard me in all my ways. My foot will not dash against a stone, you will rescue me. 

Cover me and keep me under the shadow of your wings

Let me receive the joy of your salvation, and walk into freedom. Release these burdens of mine. By your stripes I am healed, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I am the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD there is no shame in me. I surrender my all to you, amen!

Pray this prayer, and watch God show up in your life, I release angels to cover you in Jesus’ name. If you have been blessed by this prayer, pass it on! Share to be a blessing


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