PRAY for our LEADERS – DAY 1

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Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge, and understanding.

(Jeremiah 3:15)

Anyone in position of authority, leading or serving a particular group, organization, or tribe, is considered to be a LEADER

From CEO to stay at home parent, we lead, and exercise authority in the lives of those assigned to us. We are accountable to God for the well-being, function, and development of our tribe. We are responsible in teaching them, training them, and equipping them for God’s every good work. God is counting on us to accomplish this task.

A LEADER is someone who leads, and caters to the needs of his tribe. He is not known by a certain tittle, position, or an assigned office. A Leader is recognized by example, and action. 

Leaders do not just talk, they step into action, and get things done. Whenever the need arises, leaders are there to pick right up, and come to the rescue. They are not waiting on anyone to assign them, they step up, and do their part, by setting an example first. I pray that FEAR OF GOD rises in the hearts of leaders, to be accountable to God, in every decision, and action we make. I pray that we are led by wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Holy Spirit, and God’s Holy principles, to lead others along the way of Righteousness, for his name sake.


Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for your Mercies that are available to us every morning, thank you for your Grace that is extended to us our every waking moment. We don’t deserve this GRACE, yet you cover us. We don’t deserve your MERCY, yet you shower us. How amazing are you LORD! Great is your faithfulness! 

Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness beyond the clouds. We exalt you, and your name up high, higher than the heavens, wider than the oceans, deeper than the depths below. At the name of JESUS, every knee shall bow, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord. 

Walking away from your RIGHTEOUSNESS, we have disregarded your HOLINESS, and defied tour purity, forgive us LORD, cover our transgressions, and wash over our imperfections. Extend your hand of mercy to us, and cover us with your GRACEPour out your spirit on us, let your compassion notice us, and your abounding LOVE see us. Incline your ear to our cry, bind up the broken areas of our lives, and begin to restore our broken world.

Cleanse us with blood that flows from Calvary, wash over our minds, renew principles, and teachings in our hearts today. Remove opinions, and ideas, and prepare our hearts, to receive your undiluted truth. OPEN our eyes to see, incline our ears to hear, instruct our hearts to receive.

Begin to convict our hearts to repent of evil ways, starting with LEADERS, taking responsibility, and showing accountability, for our actions. No longer will we be guided by PRIDE, but walk in humility; no longer will rebellion drive our actions, but meekness, and kindness will direct our next step. Father we ask that you re-ignite our desires to honor, and respect you, above all else, starting with our homes, and our families. We ask that your fresh anointing sweeps over this nation, and hearts are ignited to serve you with our whole heart, and mind. Let us honor you, and reverence you in every detail of our lives. We reject foolishness, and invite wisdom to lead us in your ways. No longer will our nation be scattered, and miss-guided, no longer will our families be divided, but be UNITED in one spirit, and one accord.

You alone, and you alone deserve the glory, honor, and praise. 

Spirit of BOLDNESS rise up in us, and the FEAR of GOD rise up in our hearts. Let us honor you, respect you, and reverence you, in every detail of our lives, above all else! Let your will be done in our LAND, and beyond, according to your riches and your glory, on the power and authority of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH, AMEN!

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