Here are PRAYER POINTS to include in our prayers.

1. Pray for our president, his family and his cabinet. 

2. Pray for all leaders in government positions.

3. Pray for ministries, administrators, and their family on a daily basis.

4. Pray for warriors of God, as they lead prayer groups.

5. Pray that all evil be exposed, in every place, and discernment to show up to know the difference.

6. Pray against evil agendas, all their evil intents on our youth.

7. Pray that sex traffickers, be exposed, brought justice, and receive salvation.

8. Pray for Firestarter-Ignite Ministries, and it’s members/followers.

9. Pray for increased faith, and unity, in the body of Christ.

10. Pray for the fear of God to fall upon the church , great awakenings, over the minds of Christians.

11. Pray for all Christians all around the world, missionary’s, the underground church, all those that live under such oppression because of their faith.

12. Pray and send angels out on assignment to pull down strongholds, wrong thought processes ect.

13. Pray for all prodigals, to come home to the father.

14. Pray sound minds over our children, that they may know their identity and not buy into the lie of the Devil.

Bless YOU all in Jesus Name!

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