In my vision I saw myself at the end of a cliff, on a high mountain, looking down into the unknown. It was so high, it was so scary. I was all alone, up on that mountain, questioning my next move.

LEAP into the unknown, I will carry you! You foot will not strike against the stone! I heard a voice that was gentle, yet kind. PSALM 91

That are so many others, just like you, looking down into the unknown, facing their doubts, counting their fears. They want to jump, that leap of FAITH, but situation, and circumstances are holding them back. The world around them, is pressuring one, to back down. Standing one minute, focusing one minute, and the next minute loosing sight, of FAITH, falling into fear, like a helpless prey, focusing on the height, shrinking in fear. Swimming in doubt, back and forth, they cannot fully leap.

CHILD of GOD, FAITHWALKER, you are NOT supposed to know everything, understand everything. You are walking by faith, move by faith, not by sight!

It’s going to feel uncomfortable, and scary, but trust, and believe, that I am standing with you, helping you, leading you! Let go of of your fears, stop doubting in your mind, and leap with confidence and faith.

People that didn’t understand you, support you, will suddenly have a change of heart, and mind. Situations, circumstances will suddenly step aside, and God will step in! Believe in the impossible!


Perhaps you are like me, stuck on a mountain, feeling all alone, fearful, and full of doubt. I want to encourage you to leap, into the Faith realm, God is waiting on your next move. Leap by Faith, we walk by Faith, not by Sight! Stand strong, and praise through your obstacles. God has you, and your family, protected, safe, and secure, in his arms.

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