” Today my partner revealed her worst deepest secret to me, I was really broken, and then God said to me “Now prove that you truly love her”. The proof of true love is not when you are romantic, or when you are buying gifts for each other, or even when you are holding hands…The proof of true love is when your partner shows you his or her dark side and you still love him or her unconditionally…Love covers a multitude of sins, if you can cover him or her, and overlook offenses, then you truly love him/ her.”


LOVE – Patience, goodness, faithfulness, peace, joy, and self control, truly does cover all offenses!

By Firestarter

All Things Kingdom As I entered on this Journey of FAITH, I decided to take people along with me, so I created my corner. This is where I share my thoughts and my heart conserning different matters, and issues of life. Join my table, and delight your soul, through Inspiration Delight and Encouragement, where you can find satisfaction to your soul.

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