These words came to me during my prayer hour. I also wanted to share it with you! Perhaps you too are battling some thoughts, and maybe some doubts, and some fears.

Let me reassure you this morning, afternoon, or evening!

God’s PROMISES still stand! If the promises stood for David, they are surely STILL available to you. God does not CHANGE! HE surely doesn’t change his mind!

No matter the amount, or the number of army coming up against you, or the amount of accusations set up to destroy you, when you trust in the Lord, the wicked army WILL NOT come near you.

With just a touch of one finger, all your enemies could be wiped out, with just one blow, your situation, or your many circumstances, and those assigned to destroy you, can be wiped out! Poof, gone, in seconds!

Later in that same chapter (Psalm 91) it says
“You will only see”, but will not experience the punishment of the wicked. You see he’s looking out for you, setting up a high chair for you to look, out from, you will not be affected. Your eyes will see it, but your feet, will not experience it! You hear me?!

Don’t you worry about it, stop stressing! God has you in the palm of his hand. He shall hide you under the shadow of his wings. He is your rock, your fortress, your Savior. STOP IT!

I’m just here, to remind you, and myself.

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