God is about to step in for his children. He cannot any longer, watch his children be be-littettered, accused, manipulated, and controlled, by the enemy. GOD the Father is stepping in for his children!   No more manipulation, control, witchcraft, pretence, intimidation, threat, lies, deceit, ignorence to destroy, and conquer.  God is about to step in for his children. Watch God expose the wicked deeds of Nicolatians, Pharisee, and religious officials. Nineveh, Edom, will tremple before the Lord. (Obadiah 1:15) No more bullying, taunting, torturing, opressing, the innocent!

Same weapon that the wicked used to destroy the holy ones of God will be used to entangle the lies, manipulations, deception of the enemy, and restore his bride. (Proverbs 26:27)

Shout to God, Victory is HERE !

To them that are Faithful God will show himself faithful

To them that are pure, God will show himself pure

To them who are blameless, God will show himself pure, and to them that are wicked, God will show up and be shrewd in his judgement towards them. To them who are prideful, and arrogant, he will bring low, and humble them. (PSALM 18:25-27) , (2 Samuel 22:26)

YOU who are shrewd, prideful, arrogant humble yourself under the Mighty hand of God, and he will receive you. REPENT! TURN AROUND, STOP, humble yourself and God will receive you. (1 Peter 5:6)

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