Everything goes through a process. Trees go through a process, planting, pruning, blooming, then finally gathering. Seasons go through a process of changing, winter, spring summer, then fall. Diamonds go through a process of refining, polishing, and the fire. Everything goes through a process, to become something valuable, or useful for someone else.

If you cut the process of growth, the tree will never reach it’s full potential, and if seasons never change, then how can anything bloom? If diamonds are not fully finished, then who will want to purchase, a half finished rock?

Process in Waiting!

The most painful part of the PROCESS is waiting. We wait in the waiting room, at the doctors office, and think nothing of it. We wait in traffic, we wait in lines, we wait on that vacation, or that birthday, we embrace the process of waiting in the natural world, so why is it so hard to wait, in the supernatural?

Nothing valuable comes easy, or fast.

The waiting period is not fun, but it’s necessary for development. The process is not finished unless it’s gone through, the full procedure, and have passed a series of steps, to become the finished product.

So does Purpose!

It’s not Purpose, if it didn’t go through a serious of steps, to become something beautiful, waiting is necessary, and a very important step.

On the way to the PROMISE, the finished product, there will be handful of journeys, to follow, to reach that final step. These journeys are simply our training ground; to prepare us for what’s ahead!

“GOD knows our future, before we even get there. He knows the EXACT timing, he knows every detail, He is all knowing! All powerful, eternally perfect GOD”.

Sometimes disobedience prolongs our answer. Didn’t it take longer, for the Israelites to arrive? Their complaining, and grumbling prolonged their promise, skipped, and passed the blessing down to their children.

Don’t let complaining, and grumbling block you from the promise. Don’t let unfaithfulness, and dishonesty disqualify you, from the blessing of God.

You can sacrifice all you want, but in the end, are you doing what he asked you?

Cheating, skipping, assuming, will not get you points, this actually is not pleasing in his sight.

Don’t despise the process, stay faithful to the process, embrace it, and understand that nothing valuable comes easy, or fast.

Work out the quirks, and let him chizzle out your character flaws, so you can be better used, for his Kingdom, for no malice, hypocrisy, pride or envy, shall enter into his premises.

You better be sure on that!

He will never put a valuable project in careless hands. In this world even, you got to show yourself worthy, in order to be promoted to the next level. No boss will promote someone, who cheats him, no he has to be able to trust him. Yes some do slide, but in the end, if the BOSS finds out, you know what’s coming to you.

How much more, a RIGHTEOUS, FAIR, and JUST GOD?

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