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For the appeal we make does not spring from error or impure motives, nor are we trying to trick you.

(1 Thessalonians 2:3)

Information is everywhere, at the tip of our finger, we can gather information from all around the world, in seconds. While technology has its good uses, the enemy is also using this to his advantage. He uses the NEWS Media to sway people, and to deceive people. As intercessors of GOD we are responsible for gathering information, and praying forth the will of GOD, into the area of expertise. Men, and women of GOD ARISE to your position, and stand in the gap for your nation. Praying for News Media, and everyone that is affected by it, that facts, and news would be reported accurately, without bias, and for God’s will to be done in the NEWS Media.


Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for your MERCIES that are available to us every morning, thank you for your GRACE that is extended to us our every waking moment. We don’t deserve your GRACE, yet you cover us. We don’t deserve your MERCY, yet you shower us. How amazing are you LORD! Great is your faithfulness!

Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness beyond the clouds. We exalt you, and your name up high, higher than the heavens, wider than the oceans, deeper than the depths below. At the name of JESUS, every knee shall bow, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord

We have walked away from your RIGHTEOUSNESS, and have disregarded your HOLINESS, forgive us LORD! Cover our transgressions, and wash over our faults. Pour out your compassion, extend your hand of mercy, and cover us with your GRACE. Incline your ear to our cry, bind up the broken areas of our lives, and begin to restore our broken world.

Cleanse us with the blood that flows from Calvary, wash over our land, renew principles, and teachings in our hearts TODAY. Remove our opinions, and ideas, and prepare our hearts, to receive your truth. 

We ask that you OPEN our eyes to see, and hearts to RECEIVE your truth! Convict hearts, to repent of evil ways, starting with the authority of this nation, to our homes; taking responsibility, and showing accountability, for our actions. No longer will our nation be scattered and miss-guided, no longer will our families be divided, but be UNITED in one spirit, and one accord. 

We ask that you begin to convict the hearts, in the NEWS MEDIA to reject any bias opinions, and facts injected with poison, to pollute the minds, and hearts of your people. We ask that your fresh anointing falls upon men, and women of God, and the spirit of BOLDNESS rises up, in the hearts of believers, to stand against, and not bend, in JESUS NAME.

For you alone, and you alone deserve the glory, honor, and praise. 

Spirit of BOLDNESS rise up in us, and the FEAR of GOD rise up in our hearts. Let us honor you, respect you, and reverence you, in every detail of our lives, above all else. We thank you, for what you are doing, in our land and beyond, on the power and authority of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH, AMEN!

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