During a FAITH journey, sometimes our walk can seem uncertain, filled with constant doubts, and fear. Filled with uncertainty, we won’t be able to move forward, fear will have us frozen to death, and doubt will have us wavering, and holding us back.

Stuck in the middle of a storm, with no one in sight, what must we do?

There’s only ONE thing to do! Trust in the one who leads our steps, and step out BOLDLY in FAITH, and walk on water. 

Faith is not seeing, but believing, and trusting in God’s power to carry us through!  

We must let go, and TRUST, in confidence! We must reciprocate our Faith in action, through Obedience, and step into Action. 

Letting go is not easy, but it’s a MUST! Like a child who is tied to the security blanket of fear, we must let go, of the familiar,  and embrace the unknown. We must let go the blanket of fear, and embrace the shield of faith.

Out trust and confidence lies in the act of our Obedience of letting go, and embracing the unknown.

With this in mind I want to ask the Lord to forgive me. Forgive me for doubting, forgive me for wavering, forgive me for stressing, and exegerating. Forgive me for letting fear, and doubt control my next move. I’m letting go! 

I must give up my blanket of fear, and hand it to God. He alone knows what is safe, and what is harmful for me. He alone establishes my steps, he alone guides me, and leads me on the path of Righteousness, for his name sake. Through my valleys, through my struggles, and through my storms, I trust my Lord, and my Savior! 


Lord lead me to a rock that is higher than I. FORGIVE me for my trespasses, forgive me for exegerating, doubting, and letting fear rot my bones. Cover me with your GRACE, and extend your hand of MERCY to me. Keep me in your perfect peace; my mind, and thoughts steady on the journey ahead, knowing you will carry me through, to the other side. Help me to trust in you,  and place my confidence in YOU, AMEN! 

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