The other day as I was feeding the homeless men, I encountered this one man, who was idly standing by, watching me, as I was conversating with the individuals there.

He kept acknowledging my good deed, and speaking so well, of me. I noticed something was off, he was awfully too interested, in what I was doing, and he also knew too much about me. The spirit began to manifest through this man, and setting his eyes on my daughter, who was standing with me at a time.

Holy spirit nudged at me. He made me aware of what was happening, I just have to be obedient to his every move.


This spirit knew me, and my past. He began to question my integrity, and defaming my character, right in front of my children. He knew too much about me, and my past.

He tried to intimidate my daughter, and impart rebellion into her, when God gave me boldness, to reject his lies.

I saw right through him! I pulled out the scriptures on him, and began to beat him with it. The following conversation is my personal encounter with this spirit.

Spirit MANIFESTED: Didn’t you not listen to your parents in your teen years?

Me: Yes, but I am wiser now, I was ignorant and foolish, and chosen the wrong path. Now I know better, and when you know better, you do better.

Spirit MANIFESTED: Yes and you are doing a good job, but you didn’t want to do this, it was her idea, wasn’t it?

Me: Yes it was her idea, and I agreed to do it. I am teaching my daughters values, how to serve, and take care of the needy. Doesn’t the scripture say, train up a child when he is young, and when he is old, he will not turn from truth? Don’t you know the scriptures?

Spirit: Yes baby I know ALL of them.

He highlighted, and chuckled “ALL OF THEM”.

All of a sudden this man’s continence changed, and he was back to himself. He immediately changed the conversation. The spirit had left him.

Let me tell you something, he was very friendly; winking and all, enticing my child, to cross over, telling her she didn’t have to listen to me. I stood up, and as a warrior, lifted up my sword, pierced through his intentions, and saw him right through.

He talks a good game, and tries to intimidate you, but if you stand still, and lift up your sword, THE WORD OF GOD he won’t know what hit him.

Child of a God sharpen your sword, rightly divide the word of truth, sharpen your discernment, that insight of good and evil, because he is roaming around seeking whom he may devour.

Don’t be his next victim Use your sword, and use it wisely!

On the way home, my daughter asked me a puzzling question.

Her: “MOM this man was so nice, but so bad at the same time, how can this be?”

Me: ” Yes baby, but God gives us wisdom to tell the difference. Today you saw the difference! NOT everyone who appears to be nice, is really nice, the fruit of their speech will reveal their true character.” Pay attention!

Parents train up your children! They are paying attention!

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