“The way of the LORD is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.”

(Proverbs 10:29)

Strength is the ability  and the quality or state of being strong.

Destruction is action or process of destroying something.

TWO ways to go! The way of the LORD leads to life, and a crooked way leads to destruction. Which way will you go, which path will you choose? 
The way of the world is foolishness, destruction, and death, that leads to destructive pathways, and sinful lifestyles. The way of Righteousness, requires discipline, and correction, but leads us into all TRUTH. Men follow the way that seems right, and end up in a pit of darkness. Though the way seems right, doesn’t mean it’s right. When we follow the way of the LORD the way GOD intended us to live, we are strengthened, and renewed by his STRENGTH and POWER that works within us, through his Holy word. 
 The strength of the Lord is available to those who walk a righteous path, and follow in his footsteps. Truth, and source of strength, is their never ending supply. Wicked get worn out, and fall for the tricks of the enemy, when they are not aware, and are destroyed, for lack of knowledge.
Lord EXAMINE my path, test my heart, and know my thoughts, is there anything wicked in me? Create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit within me. Remove anything that harms me, causes me discomfort, stagnates my growth, sends me lies, and plants accusation my way, diverting me from my path. Am I walking in the way of the Righteousness, or am I devious in my ways? You and you alone know my deepest thoughts, intentions, and desires. I desire to be pleasing unto you, make good choices, and follow moral principles. Help me to reject wickedness, and delight in your ways. Direct my thoughts, instruct my ways, lead me in a way of everlasting truth, Amen!


As I entered on this Journey of FAITH, I decided to take people along with me. So I created my corner. Join my table, and delight your soul, through Daily Table Delight, where you can find satisfaction to your soul.

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