Turn back to WISDOM

Wisdom is standing on the corner, shouting from the rooftops, preaching on the streets, via television, at the passerbys, calling for the simpletons, foolish men, ignorent, rebellious to turn away from their wicked ways.

Wisdom is reaching down into your soul, when you pass by social media status, or scroll through YouTube videos, or glance through a blog like this. It is calling your name, seeking your attention, at this hour of desperation.

How long, will you scoff and mock, how long will you reject instruction, and be enticed by the deception? How long will you be endulging the filthy wine of this world, and delight your soul with pleasure, sipping on the lies, consuming the poison?

How long are you going to reject the principles, and redicule God’s holy scriptures?

How long?

Turn back and she will receive you

Listen, and she will guide you

But turn away and face destruction.

Turn away and fall into deception.

The choice is yours to make! What choice will you make today?

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