“Whosoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he that hates reproof is brutish.”

(Proverbs 12:1)

Instruction is a direction calling for compliance, or order.

Reproof is criticism for a fault, rebuke, or a severe form of reprimand.

I lost all my files, my website went down, I slacked off on editing daily, and now I was to catch up, and work twice as hard, however even when I make foolish mistakes, the Lord watches out for me. He encourages me, and instructs me to be the best of me, I can be. In the last few days I have been working harder than ever, trying to rebuild, everything I have lost.
Today I see it! My eyes are OPEN, he is driving me to accomplish my task. Earlier last month I was instructed to write chapters, but I slacked, and put it off. Now I am paying dearly for it. I have been writing non stop, and halfway done with that assignment. The enemy tried to STOP me, but God came through for me, PRAISE GOD! 
Listen when the LORD corrects you, he isn’t doing it to hurt you, no he is making you better, stronger, more responsible, complete, and in order. He is a good father, and wants more for us, than to make us better. I take his correction with love, and respect his authority in my life.
As a mom I would not let my children slack, and will discipline them. and teach them. My father expects more from me, than I give myself credit for. He loves me, and wants better for me. He knows I can do better, therefore he drives me to do better, to be better, and shine in all of his GLORY! 

Instruction is discipline, and they love it will eat the fruit of it. Discipline is not fun, but one who accepts instruction, and correction will learn much, and prosper much.

So let me ask you this?  What have you put off, or placed on the burner? That assignment needs to be picked up TODAY! 

Lord help me to stay on track, and pay attention to your voice. Help me to stay humble, and accept your correction, when I stray off your path. Examine my life, cast procrastination from me, send disorder far from me, and send order into my life. Forgive me, and help me to do better. I desire to please you in all of my ways, and be purposeful unto you in all of my ways. Help me not to get upset, but accept your correction in LOVE, for you love me, and want better for me, amen!

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