“The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death.” 

(Proverbs 13:14)

FOUNTAIN is a source from which something proceeds or is supplied. 

 The principles of God’s holy scriptures is LIFE, it is a continued source of living water, that flows into our life, washing over us, supplying the needs of our lives.

The teaching of the wise, continually imparts a fountain of Life, flowing directly into the soul. It is a delight to the spirit, and renewal to the body. When we accept this flow of life, it will never disappoint us, and it will keep us from the snares of death, and destruction, washing away all of our iniquities, purifying us continually, cleansing our soul. 

The BIBLE, God’s holy word, is there to guide us, direct us, instruct us in the way of Righteousness, to continually flow wisdom of God, into our lives. 


 Father God send us the Holy Spirit to guide us, direct us, instruct us in the way of your wisdom, understanding, and life. Let your continual flow of life, pour into us, as your earthly vessels, to display your GLORY. Help us not to reject your wisdom, but accept your Holy principles, to our daily lives. Let us continually seek your truth, and your guidance, Amen!

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