“There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

(Proverbs 14:12)

 A Way is the route traveled from one place to another.

I didn’t always walk a straight path, in-fact I was going in the opposite direction. I was proud, arrogant, rebellious, boastful, disobedient to my parents, wanting to have things my way. I wouldn’t listen, and cut corners, where I could, skip lines without a thought. This path I chose in ignorance, was not a good path for me, yet I blindly followed that path, that lead me to destruction, without a care in the world. This path seemed right in my eyes, it made perfect sense to me. I was looking out for myself, I was living my life, You only live once, right? It was NOT the way that led me to life, but instead led to destruction.

Sometimes in life we think that it’s a good path, when that path draws us away from GOD, and in pursuit of fleshly desires. Though the path looks good, it is not good for our spirit, and leads us away from truth.

Perception from our standpoint is not always right in God’s sight. What seems right in human eyes, can in fact be wrong in God’s eyes. We are not to lean on perceptions of men, and try to figure things out. We are to discern situations through the eyes of God’s wisdom, which is foolish in men’s eyes. Look through the lens of truth, peace, love, to determine the way. Is this giving me peace, are the intentions right, and motives inspired by my spirit, or flesh?

He is the WAY, Jesus is the ONLY way of LIFE, and Righteous living, CHOOSE the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS, and PEACE in the Holy Spirit.


Help us Lord, to see your way, in truth, purity, and love. Open our eyes to see beyond human perceptions, and DISCERN through the gray areas, of common sense, and present reality. Open our ears to hear your voice, and reject anything that’s not of you. Your sheep hear your voice, and they follow you! Soften our hearts to receive your guidance, direction, and love. Lead us in the way everlasting, and keep us away from crooked path, and devious ways, amen!

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