He that covers a transgression seeks love; but he that repeats a matter separates very friends.

(Proverbs 17:9)

Friends can go years, without speaking to each other, spouses can go days without acknowledging their faults, co-workers are harboring their feelings towards each other, and families cannot find a common ground among-st each other. Transgression is a very serious WORD, and it carries a weight, and baggage if not thoroughly examined, and it could kill, the very soul, and well being of the individual carrying the baggage.

Transgression is a serious offence, and a serious matter. Jesus warns us of the offenses, and heeds us to stay clear of it. “WOE to him, through whom the offenses come” (Luke 17:1-2) It is a SERIOUS matter, and it should be examined, and cut down at the root.

Many go months without talking to each other, many go years without admitting their faults. Once an act is committed towards another person it is not easy to erase, or cover up, and it could take years, to erase the damage.

What are we to do?

Admit that we are human, that we too are prone to making mistakes, and fall short of the glory of God, then own up to our faults. If we have done anything, said anything, FIRST we ought to ask the offender for forgiveness, then cover their offenses in LOVE. For LOVE, tenderheartedness, devotion, compassion, care for the individual, covers ALL offenses. He that seeks to cover, or overlook the offenses, is looking for the best interests at heart. We bless the offender, we hand them over to you GOD. It is GOD and GOD alone, who can judge the matter, we fall short of the GLORY of GOD.

Oftentimes we harbor Un-forgiveness, and let it ruin others, but EVEN at that time we have to realize that GOD is capable of forgiving us, EVEN if takes years to unravel them.

We forgive ourselves for allowing the hurt, the offense, release us of the guilt, shame, condemnation in Jesus name, and keep moving forward.

Forgiveness, is such a misunderstood subject! Forgiveness is letting go, forgiveness is being set free. Forgiveness is relief, forgiveness is grace, forgiveness is peace, joy, happiness, yet so often misunderstood, and overlooked.


He who overlooks other people offenses, seeks pleasure, and he that continually rejects forgiveness, separates himself from GOD, and others. Love covers the offenses of others, and stretches forth the hand of Grace towards an offender. Love says, no matter how much you hurt me, or revile against me, I choose to overlook your offenses, and treat you with respect, and compassion. Love covers hurt, un-forgiveness, and pain, love heals the wounds, and restores broken hearts. Love COVERS ALL!

Let love be the defining factor in your life, not hate. We may not see eye to eye, but regardless, I love you, and care for you, as JESUS would.


Lord I lay my burdens down at your feet, I cast my cares upon you. Pick up my burdens, and help me carry them, for your burden is light, and your yoke is not heavy. I let go of my hurts, my pain, and choose to forgive rather than harbor un-forgiveness towards my offender ( you can state the offenders name HERE) I fall short of your glory, and prone to making mistakes, release me of my burdens father. I forgive my enemies, I bless them that curse me, and seek to harm me. Forgive me, and forgive them, for we do not truly know what we are doing, in JESUS NAME, AMEN!

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