I’m sorry isn’t so hard to say

Today my daughter was moody, groggy, and just imposible. I yelled at her, when the Holy SPIRIT checked me.

“Stand strong, you can’t let this bother you”

So I repented and went into prayer, a little while after, she went on her way, to school with a sour face.

When I picked her up from school, she was her normal self, but when I got home, I immediately felt the need to apologize for my behavior.

I’m sorry baby!

To which she responded, I’m sorry too mom!

We were both in the wrong, and even if she was wrong for her behavior, I could have handled it in a manner that would benefit both of us.

Listen it doesn’t matter if he/she/they made you upset, you had the responsibility to react in a way that would benefit both of you, not hurt both of you. Now apologize for your behavior, and make peace between the two of you.

Because God is LOVE, and love covers all offenses!

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