I’m sorry isn’t so hard to say

Today my daughter was just imposible. Anything that could go wrong, did. I tried to keep my cool, but my flesh was overpowering me. I tried to be patient, and kind, but today just wasn’t my day.

“Stand strong, you can’t let this bother you”

So I repented and went into prayer, I knew what I had to do.

When I picked her up from school, she was her normal self, children forget so quickly, and will carry on as if nothing happened. Oh to be like a child…

I’m sorry baby! I looked at her with compassion in my heart. I should have never yelled at you. I should have kept my cool. I’m sorry that I hurt you. 

To which she responded, I’m sorry too mom!  Hugs? 

We were both in the wrong, I was not a happy camper, she was feeling like a sour grape. We just can’t let it go. We have to make it right.

Moms, dads listen it doesn’t matter if your child upset you, or maybe you had a rough day, you had no right to take it out on her/him. That is a little prophet, evangelist, you are raising. Be careful how you speak to them, what you are sowing has the potential to grow. If it’s not kind, necessary, beneficial, just don’t say anything at all.

SPEAK with kindness, season your conversation with GRACE, and let love be your main ingredient in all that you do, and say. 

 Now apologize for your behavior, and make it right. The enemy cannot take your joy, your peace, he cannot take his/her joy, settle it right there, and then, don’t let the accuser win.

Because God is LOVE, and love covers all offenses!

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I hope you have been encouraged, and will do the right thing! Afterall we are all God’s little children.


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