Nuggets are those snacks we chew on, apetisers we snack on, while we WAIT on a full meal. NUGGETS will not necessarily fill us up, but will keep us satisfied until our meal arrives

In the meantime, HERE are a FEW to get you started today. They are taken from my personal experience, and from my Journey of LIFE!

ENJOY and come back for more!


1. We so often neglect those who have been there for us, when we were down. Those few who cried with us, prayed with us, and encouraged us, while we ranted and complained our hears out. They were there for us, when EVERYONE ELSE left us on the side of the road.

Do you remember them?


2. It is not the good times that reveal your true friends, but the bad times. WHO truly wants to be by someone who is bitter, resentful and full of malice? Not everyone is willing to partake in your sufferings, and carry your burdens. If they can stand by you in your dark times, they will most likely celebrate you in your success.


3. Those who support you in your darkness, will celebrate you in your light. NOT everyone can see the good in you, when all they see is bad around you, but those who support you in your dark times, will truly celebrate your success at the TOP.


4. Love everyone, even those who turn their back on you. Love does not always have to be physical, acknowledging the fact that I still care for you, even if you have done me wrong is maturity. Never hold grudges if you have forgiven someone, learn let go, and start fresh!

That’s all for today!

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