Here are few insights taken from my JOURNEY of LIFE concerning Relationships.


READ, let the SPARK ignite and APPLY


1. LOVE is action, not just words.

When someone tells you they miss you, love you, care for you, do they show it in ACTION or just words? Not everyone is willing to put in the work to match their words! Watch them closely, not everyone will take that step, but those that do, truly care for you!



2. Appreciate the old friends, because they made you who you are today!

We sometimes forget our old friends, because they have been replaced by new, and exciting ones. Don’t forget those who have ONCE created, and excited your world too!



3. Love everyone, even those who turn their back on you.

Love does not always have to be physical, acknowledging the fact that I still care for you, even if you have done me wrong is maturity. Never hold grudges if you have forgiven someone, learn let go, and start fresh! Rebuilding that friendship, will take time, respect and respond in ACTION



4. Friendships are created, not demanded.

It takes hard work to create a relationship. Just like plants require care, so do our friendships. If we don’t water them, and neglect them, we end up with the results we’ve put in. Don’t just expect friendship to happen, make friendships, step out, and take chances. Not all people are bad, and not all friendships are the same. Stop treating every friendships like u our last one, create New memories, be yourself and let LIFE take you, where friendships are created.

I need your HELP, which one of these would you like me to expand on? Comment below! 

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