Let GOD prune you

There are seasons in our life where certain things must take place, so that another can take its place.

There are good seasons, and then there are uncomfortable seasons, seasons where pruning must take place. This is a place that is uncomfortable, to human eye. A process that takes place in our life, that we often missunderstand, and allow hurt to take place instead.

In order for a tree to grow, it has to go through a pruning process. Just when the growth appears, a farmer will cut off it’s growth, so that new growth appears, hoping for new branches to appear in the coming season.

To PRUNE is to cut off or remove dead or living parts or branches of (a plant, for example) to improve shape or growth.

This happens in our life, and if we don’t recognize our season, we can miss the whole point, and even season. Sometimes a friend will move to a new city, or a disagreement will occur between friends, or you could be asked to leave a certain job, why? Because where you are, you are not growing. GOD desires that you grow, and expand to new horizons. He wants THE BEST for you. Sometimes you yourself don’t even realize the GREATNESS locked deep inside of you.

That friendship you are in, is causing you to become bitter, that job is not good for your season, that place is stagnating you, and it’s time for you to allow God, the master to cut off some branches in your life.

He knowns EXACTLY what he is doing. Do not get mad at people, or become bitter because of the situation, or circumstance that recently occurred in your life, but rejoice because God is pruning you, and removing some things that are damaging you, rather than helping you.

Allow the process, stay close to GOD, and grow into your new season.

New opportunities are lined up, new doors are openning, new friendships are developing, but if you become bitter, and angry, you can MISS the very thing GOD is trying to do in this season, and that is to better you, give you HOPE and a future.

His plans are good for you, his thoughts are good for you, God is making you into a vessel that he desires you to be. Allow God to prune you, and strip you off some things. Bitterness, anger, and malice cannot go into the next month with you. Let GO!


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