It’s becoming more and more difficult to have time with your little one’s. If not busy with work, school, house duties, other activities will surely take up our time, and demand our attention.

The other day my little girl requested some quality time, and as usual I would be busy about my evening, well this time, I put everything down, and ran to her rescue.

I made a conscious decision to put down my task, and make room for my daughter instead. I was actually editing an article at a time, but crawled next to her on the floor.

She had a blanket laid out on the floor, and wanted me to play tent with her. At that moment giggles and smiles, spread across her face. She wanted that quality time with mommy.

We had our moment, just me and my baby, it’s been a while since we did that, and I sure needed it. She cupped my face with her tiny little hands, and quetly whispered.

I love you mom, thank you for coming down, and spending time with me“.

And then a gentle tug in my spirit.

I too desire time with my children, but they are so busy with life, that they forget daddy wants to hear about their day too.”

I smiled, “What’s up dad, how’s going up there?”

I felt his touch, and a warm feeling of tingles spread across my body, and a gentle whisper filled my lips,

I love you dad!

Our little one’s need us. Before we know it, they will grow up, and be about their life. Time is truly flying, and moments pass us by. Put everything to the side, and crawl in bed with your little one’s; read a book, or test them on their multiplication table, [my little one loves that one] or just gently pass on, small whispers of love and care to each other. Yes it will take a minute or two of your time, but it’s well worth it. You only have but a little time with them.

And when you get a minute set everything to the side, and spend time with your heavenly dad, he awaits gentle whispers of your sweet love, and the perfect aroma of your prayers perfume.

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