MY JOURNEY @ Firestarter-Ignite

Founded in 2016 Firestarter Ignite Ministries have been changing, and transforming lives DAILY.

As I answered the call, I set out on the adventure to lead varies people through valley, aka wilderness towards the Promise Land. It has been one of the most exciting adventures thus far. I have enjoyed meeting travelors from all over the world, by helping them become all that GOD created them to be.

What is Firestarter- Ignite? 

It’s a Facebook group of members that I have personally lead, and mentored via group mentorship, and private. I started with one person, one assignment, and today the group consists of 150-200 members. 

Here I share insights of my JOURNEY, and help others discover their IDENTITY, pursue their PURPOSE, and step into their DESTINY.  I see greatness within, and invite you on a JOURNEY, as you respond, in FAITH to the CALL, GOD does the rest. 

I am a spiritual mentor, and an igniter to this generation. I ignite hearts, God does the rest! I do my part of Obedience, he does his part of Faithfulness. With the leading of the HOLY Spirit I set out to meet the needs of the travelor. I have been gifted in many areas to help me accoumolish my mission, with the help of the prophetic. 

We’ve created a family, friendships, connections of all sorts. Everyone here looks out for one another, prays for one another, sharpens, and supports one another. We know that the JOURNEY of life can be tough, but with JESUS, and like minded circle of connections, we can thrive, and soar the hights! 

One of my main goals for the group is to sharpen one another through Christ Jesus. As iron sharpens iron so we sharpen one another. (Proverbs 27:17)

We are all on a JOURNEY to ETERNITY, passing through, sojourners on this earth. Some of us have gone through experiences, testimonies, and walked through valleys, places that others are just getting to, on their journeys. Why not share our experiences to help one another arive at their destination?!

No matter who you are, where you are, we are to make each BETTER through what God has done for us.

With that being said

SHARE what GOD has done for you! Give GOD a few minutes of GLORY!

I myself have gone through many journeys, and have come upon many travelors who had no clue what they are doing. I once was deceived too, misguided too, lost, and confused too, but JESUS showed up and changed my life. I am here to HELP!

2008 was a year I will never forget, that was when my FAITH was tested.

Will you stand for me, or will you crumble?

ONCE MY FAITH was tested I was never the same after that!

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