“Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.”
(Proverbs 19:11)


It is so easy to spew off hate, or criticize someone for what they are doing wrong. It is even more easier to ramble on with our feelings, and emotions, and project our anger on the next person we see. Long as it’s not us, long long as someone else takes the blame.

Facebook is popular for this, the minute we get mad, or get offended, we run to spill our feelings, and show off our tempers, we are only a CLICK away, a decision away.

It takes seconds to spill, but a lifetime to wipe off what we have said. For example we may say something mean, or rude about the offender, and think nothing of it, later to realize that those words we have spilled, or the temper we have shown, in ignorance, created barriers.

The bible teaches us in the book of PROVERBS not to spill hate, the minute we receive the mail, but to process the information at the alter.

We ought to control our tongues, and not to spill poison, anytime we feel like it. As wise and sensible human beings we ought to take responsibility for our actions, control our tempers, and instead of rambling on, bring our offenses to the LORD.

No we didn’t mean what we said, we were only expressing our feelings, and going off by our emotions, however those words we spilled, now have a powerful influence on the person, our anger was projected at.

People with sensible understanding, will control their temper, and watch their words. They will not go off, the minute they get offended, or disrespected, they will take time, to process what is being said, and think about their next action.

For the words spilled, are alive, and active, and are capable of destroying lives.

Spiritually sensible person will take insults to the alter, and control their temper. A foolish person will blame their actions on their feelings, and on situations at hand, perhaps even place blame on the offender.

Let us not be foolish in our actions, but be collected in our emotions, and feelings. For sensible people process the information, before they have a chance to react, and control the situation.

Overlook peoples offenses, and forgive them. A lot of times people make assumptions, then run off their feelings, forgive them anyway. God wants us to live in Peace, and stay collected in our thoughts. Don’t let anyone steal your Peace, and Joy. Guard it with your whole heart, and mind


“Father God help me to control my temper, and examine my emotions when things get out of control. When people, or situations revile against me, help me to overlook offenses, and forgive trespasses. As you forgive me, help me to forgive them. People are prone to making mistakes, I make mistakes too, thank you for your GRACE.

LORD teach me your ways, and guide me in your thoughts. It is to you, and you alone, that I look up to.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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