Intercessors are builders of the Kingdom, bussiness owners, authors, contractors, mechanics, construction workers, managers, mayors, enterprenours, inventors, apostles, prophets, seers, preachers, teachers, singers, artists, leaders, praying moms and dads, wives, warriors, soilders, veterans. You are a very important puzzle peice in the Kingdom of Heaven, because you build walls, and stand in the gap, covering all tracks, repairing all tears.

Day in and day out, you put your life on the line, but rarely get appreciated for it; instead you are mocked, and rediculed for it.

There’s much opposition that comes against you, much slander, much laughter, much redicule, and even hard toil. The enemy is not sleeping, but sends accusations against you all day long.

Continue to build for your families, your sons and your daughters, your spouses, and your homes. Do not be afraid of the opposition, for the Lord God is fighting on our behalf, he is covering our territories, Our GOD fights for us!

Don’t focus on the redicule, for they know NOT what they are doing, and your father sees what is done in secret. Let him, handle all your mockers, and scoffers, place revenge in his hands. Forgive your offenders, and let God step in, abd fight for you.

Honest scales, and balances, belong to the Lord, all the weights in the bag are of his making. Proverbs 16:11

Stand in the gap, hold a spear, the WORD of GOD, at your side, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take off your SPIRUTUAL armor, stay vigilant, and watch and pray.

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