Stepping out by FAITH

I had the opportunity to step out today. Opportunity presented itself, doors were opened, favor was available at my expense, all I needed was JUMP!

Jump into the unknown, trust my Savior, soar into heavens, take a chance, believe in the impossible!

As I walked into the office I felt God’s presence with me. I knew I wasn’t alone, I knew God was doing something wonderful, and I was part of it. He was encouraging me to step out, boldly, without fear, and share as the Holy Spirit led me in my thoughts.

As the door was open, the opportunity to minister was closing. I then took a BOLD move and stepped out, in the face of adversity.

“Are you a woman of faith?” I asked, she smiled, I know you are not at liberty to discuss your beliefs, but I was just wondering.

She pointed at the cup, and there it was…

“She who stands before God, can stand before anyone!” inscribed in gold letters, across the coffee cup.

“Let the cup speak for itself”, she cleared her throat.

I smiled, and then took another bold, yet courageous move.

“I am a prayer warrior, if there’s anything you need, prayer, anything, you are welcome to call me, and I will gladly meet with you, and pray with you.” I wrote down my number.

I could hear the excitement in her spirit, as if I was reading what she was thinking! (you are someone I have been praying for, the answer to my prayer.) she then quietly whispered,

“Would you pray to agree with me, about an issue I have been facing? It has been hard! It seems I have been alone in this!”

I quickly interrupted her,

“You are not alone, let me lift your hands up! You know what mam, the bible says that if two agree upon anything on this earth, it shall be done to them, by our father in heaven.”

She nodded, then smiled, we shook hands, came into agreement. I could feel the excitement in her spirit, and that THIS (me coming here) was the confirmation she has been seeking for, and the answer to her prayer.

Me coming in, stretching my hand out, and reaching out by FAITH!

When you are moved by the Holy Spirit, step out, and do your humanly part, the OBEDIENCE part! When your father sees, what has been done in secret, he will reward you openly.

And not only will he show up, he will show out! I expect a TESTIMONY, A REPORT!

Step out, reach out, speak out!

This is our TIME! No longer will we keep quiet!

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