Relationships need to be maintained


Have you ever wondered why your relationships are not working out, why it seems as if you are getting one end of the stick? You give, you give, and nothing in return?

Well let me shed a little light in your situation.

Relationships take work! Friendships take work! We assume they function on their own, but just like cars, our relationships need to be maintained. Don’t just expect them to function on their own. If your car was maintained only once a year, would your car still be driving?

How can you maintain your relationships?

1. Check on the person, ask if you can be of help, or pray for them, ask about their day. 

2. Set up a meeting, and just talk, about anything, it is not really important what you talk about, the important thing is that you talk.

3. Keep in contact. Don’t just expect them to text/ call/ check up on you. Reach out once in a while and shoot a text. Relationships are about connections.

4. Don’t just assume. Assumptions are killers of relationships. You may think people don’t have time for you, but if we can make time for entertainment, food, and pleasure, then we can also make room for you.

What area are you struggling with most? It’s never too late to improve, the important thing is that you are trying, and that is ALL that matters.

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