Keep your Peace Child of GOD

Perhaps today you are facing some battles, maybe today you are worried about some giants. It seems nothing is working out for you, seems like everything, and everyone is against you.

As someone who has been there, and as someone who has faced obsticles, and broke through walls of fear, doubt, and discouragement, I am here to encourage you, and offer a hand of help.

I know it’s not easy, but stay in your peace, and don’t let anyone disrupt it! Let Peace of GOD, that surpasses all understanding, cover all your missunderstandings, questions, worries, and conserns. Let peace of GOD cover all your fears, and all your doubts, let peace of GOD hide you in his embrace, and keep you away from all discouragement.


The Lord God is at my right hand, I will never be shaken!

The trials may come, storms may come, the winds may blow, oppositions may come, but I will not be shaken! God is my ROCK, and my fortress, in HIM I trust! I dwell in the shelter of the most high GOD, he covers me under his wings, protects me from all harm. My foot will not dash against a stone, he covers me everywhere I go! Because I trust him, he will save me!

Stay in his promises!

Firestarter Ignite Ministries

If you have been touched by this WORD, pass it on to someone else, because SHARING is carying!

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