A spirit of manipulation and control to gain POWER and INFLUENCE Uses deception and lies to get what it wants, intimidation is its tool, pretension is her weapon. Hides behind religion, rejection, insecurity, HURT, and fear. FEEDS on accusations, works through lies, and deception.

Rejection, insecurity, fear, pride is it’s DRIVE and motivation.

It hides behind a pulpit, sings in a choir, preaches, teaches, and even quotes the bible, walks as an angel of light, pretends to be your friend, all the while snitching on you, accusing you, speaking all kinds of evil against you. Can be your mom or dad, your school teacher, works through your children, and CAN influence your spouse, it can be your BFF, a family member, your brother or sister.



If you have been insecure, or have been rejected, this spirit KNOWS you. If you have an anointing on your life, and seek the will of GOD, this spirit is after you. IT wants to CONQUER you and destroy you. It’s PURPOSE is to divide and conquer the victim, who is often unaware of it’s tactics. It does not CARE if it’s someone you love, care for, and admire, it will NOT discriminate against, but seek to destroy and destruct everything in your path, and the person it uses. Your marriage will start to crumble, your kids will spin out of control, your spouse will become the puppet, and it’s target will be your FAITH, confidence and trust in the LORD.

If there are deeds of manipulation, control, pride, accusation, anger, lies, religion, rejection, insecurity and fear, it will manifest within the victim and seek reconciliation, THIS too is a form of CONTROL DO NOT ENGAGE, but fast and pray, this spirit is a GIANT, BUT our GOD is much bigger, and stronger.

How do you know if you have been the victim, or an instrument of such spirits?

If the person speaks accusation against you, is manipulating you, which is a form of control and witchcraft, lies constantly to get what they want, prideful and arrogant in their ways, haughty with their looks, insecure in their decisions, uses fear to control you, lies to gain control of the victim, YOU HAVE BEEN bewitched!

REPENT for having anything to do with such spirits, and ask GOD to cleanse you, ask GOD to reveal the TRUTH to you. HE WILL, but also be ready when he shows you, because oftentimes it is NOT what you expect it to be. At that point do not lean unto your understanding, but seek GOD in all of your ways.


FATHER forgive them for they know NOT what they are doing. Forgive me for being blind, and allowing this spirit to attach when I was clingy, and fearful in my actions. HEAL me of my hurts, help me to TRUST in you, and depend on you. Create in me a clean heart, renew my spirit, remove me from her path, HELP me detach from her wickedness. I detach, and denounce myself from any vows I had made with her, and she with me. I uproot every negative seed planted by a vow of agreement I had made with her, and ask that you cleanse me of all UNRIGHTEOUSNESS for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake. I repent for eating at her table, and delighting my soul unaware of her actions. FORGIVE ME FATHER, and create in me a clean slate. Wash my sins away, purge me, make me white as snow. I desire to honor you, please you, and worship you with all my heart, with the right motives, and clear intentions. In JESUS NAME I pray, AMEN!

It can smell fear, insecurity, and pride is it’s drive.

I LOVE YOU, so I WARN YOU stay away, and allow GOD to step in. Cover in LOVE, be patient, gentle and kind. Do not be arrogant, manipulative, or pretentious because these spirits will attach to anyone who is the participant, or has these qualities. They will also try to discourage you, and use fear on you to try to control you. DON’T LET THEM. I used to be a VICTIM, but thanks BE TO GOD, I AM NOW FREE, and more discerning, to the TRUTH.

Remember we don’t fight people but principalities and powers of darkness, that are seeking to destroy. Be alert, and pray for the devil roams about, seeking whom he may devour. Ephesians 6:12 ; 1 Peter 5:8

This is HIS entrance point. These are HIS tactics, it’s TIME to set yourself free.

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Matthew 9:35-38


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