You are the light of the world. A town build on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on it’s stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your father in heaven.

Mathew 5:14-16


It is the visible radiation source of energy, such as a lamp, a lantern, an electric lighting fixture, candle, or fire.

We are the LIGHT of Jesus, reflection or his character, likeness, and divinity. We are to correctly reflect his light here on this earth. Our character is HIS light, our conduct is HIS light, our behavior, action is reflection of HIS light.

We are not to hide the light within us, but to illuminate, and radiate his brilliance to the world. When people see us, they should see Jesus in us, hear JESUS in us, and seeing that LIGHT within us, draw close to the father who is in heaven.

I had a conversation with a mailman yesterday, and we were RIGHT on this subject. He helped me see a perspective I have not seen before, and when I allowed GOD to use me, in OBEDIENCE, I was able to bring this message, from that perspective.

People all around us should see Jesus in us, feel Jesus, and be drawn, and enticed, to become more like him.

The way we carry ourselves. The way we represent ourselves to the world, shows more than we ought to know. People should be asking, is this not the person, I used to know? Is this not so and so son/daughter?

We are REPRESENTATIVES of Christ Jesus on this earth. Living witnesses if his creation but are we correctly displaying his image?

How you respond to hate shows more than your character, how you represent yourself in the face of adversity, shows your true IDENTITY.

Just because you say all the right things, when situation is good, and represent yourself right, when things are under control doesn’t mean that your character is good. Your true character is revealed under pressure, under fire, under struggles.

When people talk about you, are you quickly heated, or are you praying for them, forgive them father, for they know NOT what they are doing. Are you so quick to unfriend people, because they are more radical in their faith then you? Do not believe the sane things you do? Throw them to the side, because they don’t LOOK like you?

YOU are NOT just a Christian by the name, or your outer appearance, you are a Christian by your character, words, deeds, your conduct, and behavior.

Just because you dress in a suit, don’t make you a Christian, or dress modestly? Skirt up to the floor, clean shaven, put together, got all your ducks in a row, obey the law to a tee, pray, worship, quote scriptures, give to the needy. What is your character like? Stuck up, arrogant, proud, or patient, faithful, and under control. What comes out of your mouth, when you are persecuted, slandered, talked about?

In my country we were literally spotted for our behavior, actions, and conduct. They knew you were a christian, and they hated you. You had a special name attached to you, and you could not escape it.

Jesus showed us the example, are we following in his footsteps? We are to DENY our fleshly wants, and desires, opinions, and perceptions, and step in to follow JESUS. Pick up the CROSS of persecution, slander, hate, and walk forward.

What are you like when persecution strikes? Are you a ferocious wolf, when someone touches your space, ruffles your feathers? You want to strangle everyone and kill with hate anyone who is not like you. If it’s not my way, then I won’t sing, preach, do this or that. This is manipulation, control, and God will have no part in it.

Form of godliness, but denying the power within. 2 Timothy 3:5

Not everyone who says father, father truly knows him. To know CHRIST is to be like CHRIST. Mathew 7:21-23

People say I am a Christian, ok, now what is your character like? I look at your character, not your words. I stopped going to your church, and you unfriend me, for no reason whatsoever? I don’t believe as you do, you cut me out of your life? I corrected you, and you are ready to eat me alive? Yes you are like a Pharisee, righteous in your judgment, but so blind, and naked… First take out the speck from your eye, so that you can see clearly, but do you not also know, that the honest scales belong to the Lord? He alone, and he alone measures, and weights our deeds on the scales. He and he alone can judge, leave that up to HIM.

I had a christian cuss at me then go back and sing for the Glory of God. Then another who brewed hate, yet continued to stay in ministry. Really?

Ferocious wolves are in the midst, and we are blind.

Sowing weeds, and we are blind.

Manipulating, and we are blind.

Lying, and we are blind.

Prideful, and we are blind.

Arrogant in their ways, malicious in their actions, and we are blind.

I too once judged you by the way you looked, and condemned you without checking twice, but GOD put me in places I would not dare to go, and opened my eyes, where I would not dare in-vision, to see HIS perspective. I’m not here to condemn but open blind eyes. I too once was blind, and proud, and would not be moved, but THANKS be to GOD.

We say Paul persecuted Christians, and run them out of their dwelling. We are doing the very same thing, when we are judging, and throwing condemnation around, without checking with the HOLY Spirit, but yet we call ourselves Christ followers. Be careful, or you too will be the instrument of the wicked.

Are you patient, kind, gentle, in the face of adversity, or are you prideful and arrogant?

God is refining us in this season, your bad character cannot go, your attitude cannot go, your conduct cannot take you where God wants to take you. Strip pride, strip arrogance, be humble, understanding, welcoming, forthcoming.

I pray God opens our eyes in this season to spot the fake, and the impostors.


– HASHTAG is a STATEMENT, WITH A PAUSE kind of like SELAH in the bible.

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