Let’s get it right the first time


Procrastination starts with one overlooked assignment at a time. You put off the task first time, then forget to get to it, then overlook that task once again, before you know it, you are stuck with millions of tasks and no time on your hands.

You might be running to work, or meeting a friend at dinner, or actually don’t feel like getting that “thing” done right that minute, so you put it off, until next time…

But next time never comes, next time moves to another time, and another, and then you got whole bunch of tasks in one place, no time.

My daughter saw big pile of mess on her bad, and immediately ran to me accusing me of putting mess on her bed. I stopped her, and explained to her, that it was her mess that was hid behind her bad, all the little wrappers she left behind from a week ago.

Instead of yelling at her, I asked her, Lena what happened?

She said, “I don’t know but it’s messy“.

So I began to explain to her that this mess was not made in one day. This is called procrastination, putting off task for a later time, to never actually get it done in the first place.

She laughted, “what do you mean” ?

Well I said, “If you forget one item and put it off, it won’t be noticible, but if you continue to put items, upon items, before you know it, you will have a pile just like this, under your bed, where it’s out of your sight, but is very real, once it gets pulled out into the light.

I was teaching her a lesson by pulling out all those toys, wrappers, clothes and so forth for her to see.

I’m sorry mom, I didnt know.

I looked at her and said, that’s ok baby sometimes we don’t know, and that’s ok, but next TIME…and she joined with me


Yes I said, “You understand it!”

Procrastination is an easy way out, but hard work once you are faced with all of it at once. So let’s get things right the first time.

Yes mommy, right the first time.”

Then I looked at her with compassion and suggested

” How about I help you this time, and we can clean together.”

She smiled and gave me a big grin in return.. ” Let’s do it mommy! “

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