Jealousy arouses a husband’s fury


For jealousy arouses a husband’s fury, and he will show no mercy when he takes revenge. He will not accept any compensation; he will refuse a bribe, however great it is.

Proverbs 6:34

FURY is described as intense, disordered, and often destructive rage of emotions, and feeling.

Have you ever seen the rage of a man, or a woman, who has been cheated on, or taken advantage of? Well I had the privilege, to see the rage, as well as experience, this rage that flows from within.

When a man has learned, or has found himself being taken advantage of, un-explainable rage, void of words, overcomes our soul, and fills with emotion. This rage, or feeling of discontentment, rages from within, and nothing can stop it. It is like a raging sea, or an erupted volcano that is waiting to spill to the outside. Cannot be explained in words, or described in sight. If you have seen the latest reality TV drama, you can see that rage flow to the outside. It can be displayed in the way that jealous wives, project on their husbands when they get caught in the fire. That is the type of rage I am talking about here.  

Wisdom speaks LOUD, and warns men not to go that way. A WISE man will stay clear of such confrontation, and will be wise about his decisions, and will not mess with FIRE. He will stay away from wayward women, and keep himself away from trouble.

Our GOD is a consuming FIRE, and is known to be protective of his children. He is a good father, and watches out for his children. He is a good husband, and protects his wife to be – the bride. When all hell breaks loose against the church-his body, God is not pleased! Anyone that stands in the way, will feel the wrath, and judgment of GOD.

God knows the hearts, and weights our motives on the scale, and if we have been found GUILTY in his sight, after many chances given, we will feel the burn of a RIGHTEOUS GOD. 

That is why I do not speak against those who have done me wrong, but instead pray for them to see their ways, and repent in their actions, because ONCE GOD steps in, all hell will break loose, and he will show no mercy to the offender.   

Our husband, is a ZEALOUS GOD, one that protects, and cares for his bride. He desires that we spend time with him, and not look over the fence, to flirt with the world. We cannot be so enticed with the world, that we sneak around his back, indulging on the pleasures of this world, then slip back to praise him. No no, we cannot please both, the world and God. We must LOVE ONE and hate another. LOVE what God loves, and hate what he hates. Can’t both eat at the table of God, and table of the enemy. We must make up our mind today, whom will we serve? 


Lord lead us away from the enticing, colorful world of sin. Blind our eyes to the pleasures, and treasures, of a haughty world. Keep us safe, and secure in your arms, away from distractions, away from the pits of hell. We desire to please you, and only you. Guide us in the way we should go. As far as our enemies, LORD you handle them, for honest scales belong to you. AMEN!

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