WISDOM be my sister, and insight my relative

Say unto wisdom “You are my sister”, and to insight “you are my relative.” 

Proverbs 7:4

RELATIVE- is a connection or necessary dependence on another, also a person connected with another by blood

Imagine Wisdom to be a lady, and she is your sister, what is your relationship like? How well do you treat her? Do you treat her harshly, and with disrespect, or do you embrace her, and respect her, for the role she plays in your life?
When wisdom is your sister, you have certain privileges, and certain benefits, not available to everyone else. When Wisdom comes into your life, understanding, and knowledge comes along, for the package of ONE, and becomes your companion for life. Discretion becomes your relative, and so does discernment.  
Sister Wisdom, and Sister Insight will keep you away, from adulterous woman, and her seductive words. They will keep you away from wayward, and devious people, and will give you the heads up, when impostors arrive on the scene.  Sister Wisdom will have your back, when sis Foolishness, and brother Arrogance tries to cross you. You will see right through their menace, pretension, role playing, and flattery. When Wisdom is your sister, Insight comes along for the package of ONE, they stick together like relatives, and will be your companions for life, keeping you away from all kinds of evil, and every kind of deceit.

Will you invite WISDOM to guide you, and let understanding be your companion?


Father I have walked in foolishness, and embraced wickedness, forgive me for my ways, for it is alone, and you alone that I sin against.  I agreed with nonsense, and tolerated sin, when it should have been exposed. I have compromised my standards, and your WORD, to please others, and have walked away, by human perception. I reject foolishness, at this hour, and embrace Wisdom. Lord, send Sister Wisdom my way, and Sister Insight to my dwelling. Let them unpack their bags, and stay within my chambers. I invite both Wisdom, and Insight to be my closest companion, and my close relatives. Welcome to my home Wisdom, and Welcome to my home Insight! Look out for me, and be my companion. Talk to me, council me, and warn me about that wayward woman. and devious men. Lead me away from her honey dipped smooth lips, profound speech, and her lying tongue. Warn me, and keep me away from her adulterous ways, in Jesus Name, Amen!

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