INCREASE in learning through instructions


“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.”

Proverbs 9:9

Instruction is an outline or a manual of technical procedure

To teach is to impart knowledge by precept, example, or experience

Have you ever seen a child put together a puzzle, or Lego blocks, or anything that requires instructions? I have! As a mom I’ve put plenty of puzzles together, with my children, and plenty of Lego blocks. 
There are two types of children, and people in this world. There are those that will take out an instruction manual, and follow it to a tee, or there will be those who will try to wing it( put it together without the instruction manual). The ones who read instructions, are likely to finish the puzzle, or to create a finished Lego piece, while the other will try to wing it, get frustrated, and might even give up. 
  I have seen a child get so excited about putting the blocks together, until things don’t work out for them. They will throw all those blocks to the side, and run away. Instead of asking for help, they will be frustrated, angry, somewhere in the corner pouting.
When you give instructions to a wise man, and he is willing to follow the instructions, he is likely to become wiser. Teach that same man a better way to do something, and he will increase in his level of understanding. He will not make excuses, or try to act all powerful, NO he will humble himself, and receive instructions, because he knows knowledge will bring him revelation, and insight.
Sometimes we think we know it all, and God lets us, but when we run into a dead corner, we find that we didn’t know much at all. Humility is the key here, accepting help when you need it, reaching out when things seem unclear. Like a frustrated child, run to your father, and seek his face, he will calm all of your fears, and wipe your tears away.

Lord help me today, to accept your guidance, and direction, and follow your instructions. When I think I know it all, help me to walk in humility, and accept wisdom from you, and those that you send, to me. I desire to increase in knowledge, and desire to increase in my understanding. Help me today Lord, and guide me along RIGHTEOUSNESS, for your name sake.  Forgive me for pouting, and not following instructions, when I needed to follow them. Help me LORD, give me another chance. Thank you for your GRACE, that extends to me, even when I don’t deserve it, AMEN!

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