Worn down, wounded, and abandoned, I STAND STILL


I felt impressed to SHARE THIS! I wasn’t going to, but he impressed it upon me, to share.


Are you struggling to pray right now? Do you feel like the enemy is right up in your face, pinned to the wall, breathing lies, and accusations your way? You can hardly raise your hands, praise, or even pray, barely anything comes out of you, you are struggling to stand still, worn down, wounded, hurt, and abandoned.

You are in a lions den. This is when the LORD allows the lions to come close to you, so that you will be strenghtened in your walk with God. He allows this for your good!

And while you are in this den, intercessors are praying for you. The hand of God is upon you, and the lions are roaming about seeking to devour you, but just when they are about to attack you, the mighty hand of GOD stops them, and he SHUTS the mouth of a lion. For a purpose for a reason, in this season. Don’t be afraid warrior, stand strong, and see the deliverance of the LORD!

Daniels are prayer warriors who were instructed to keep silent, but they prayed regardless of what the order or command was. Because of this, they are thrown into the lions den, where they come face to face, with the enemy of their soul. The lies, and accusations are now louder than they ever were. The enemy is throwing fear, and doubt is not far behind. He is seeking, how he may devour you. But even in the lions den, God protects them he loves, and keeps them secure in his embrace.

Ramaya Sotro! If you don’t have the strenght to pray in your language, release your heavenly language into the atmosphere, allow the holy spirit to interceede for you! To the lions you look like a silly person, but God understands every word that comes out of your mouth. Pray without stopping! Pray and interceede at this HOUR. RAMAYA RAMAYA!

Stand strong DANIEL’S!

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