Control your anger


I want to share this important verse in the word of God, that we so often overlook. Full of treasures, a WORD that we so often pass on by, but must instead meditate upon.

We justify our words, and make excuses, but do not understand that the real key to this verse, is self control – restraint exercised over one’s own impulses, emotions, or desires

A believer who is filled with this fruit is able to excersize control over one’s emotions, and feelings. No matter what is said, or displayed, a fruit filled believer is able to walk away in silence, without a word of frustration, discord, or displeasure. He is not conserned with WHO is right, but WHAT is right in God’s eyes. This believer is not quick to jump into the fight, but is quick to walk away from the fight.

I struggled with anger for years, my family also struggled, and my children were even picking it up. I had to put a STOP to it. I wasn’t going to let this spirit control me, or my children, so I asked the Lord for help.

I have planted seeds without even realizing the consequences it would have on my children. Those seeds were planted over me, without my knowledge through ignorance, and words of discord NOW had legal ground, and authority over my life.

Seeds of discord grew, and frustration developed into full grown attitudes. I must do something about it!

These outbursts seem innocent at first, but if we ignore those frustrations, they will turn into something bigger. As we water them, by repeated agreement through silence, they grow up to be BIG deal, and are destructive in our lives.

We as believers must excersize the fruit of self control, and even practice this gift with our children. We have been given authority to raise our children in the way of the Lord, we must step in and do our part.

Concerning our children

1. Forgiveness is the answer, extending grace, rather than yelling, frustration, and control. Forgiving even when they don’t deserve it, not letting the devil win this case.

2. Giving your children knowledge, by showing up through example. Teach your children, explain, and train them in the Lord. Don’t just yell, frustration helps no one.

3. Taking away toys, electronics, and explaining to your children that there are consequences for their outbursts, and attitudes.

4. Staying true to yourself and others. Don’t just say words, but follow up in example.

5. Exercise self control and instead of frustration, speak understanding.

Let us exercise this gift, and practice self control so that we grow and develop into all spiritual things, and walk in the newness of life. Lets also not forget, to settle matters before sundown, for anger tends to brood overnight and grow without restraint.


Father forgive me for my outbursts, and my frustration; forgive me for my flaws, for I have sinned against you, and you alone. Wash away my iniquity and create in me a clean heart, renew my spirit, restore the joy of my ssalvation. Make me whiter than snow. I desire to be pleasing to you, honor you, and glorify you in all areas of my life. Turn me away from my sin, and turn me towards righteousness. In Jesus name, amen.

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