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In the parable of the prodigal son, we notice one of the sons willingly leaving his father’s presence. All the riches, wealth, protection, security, safety, are willingly put down, in search for something better… or so he taught!



Give me my freedom father, give me my share of the estimate, give me, what’s rightfully mine.
Luke 14:12

So the father divides his portion, and gives him his portion. The son takes the portion, takes the money, and is settling for the road ahead. The father, knowing what awaits his son, lets him leave, he willingly allows the son to pursue his passions, and dreams in the land of the unknown.

But it’s not always what we think! We think leaving the presence of the father, will benefit us, when in reality it hurts us. Leaving his presence means giving up his protection, security, peace of mind, provision, direction, and everything else that is offered simply because you are a son/daughter of Christ.

Leaving all you have known for a piece of the unknown. Trusting, and depending on that, which fades away, is not only foolish but dangerous!

So he goes out, leaves his father’s shelter, in search for something better. Splurging his money, spending it on his habits, only to turn around, and find himself in trouble.He ends up spending all his money, and his fortunes run out.

Back home, he had it made! His father had servants, riches, provision, shelter, security, direction, you name it, yet this foolish son set his eyes on what was calling him.


The riches of the world are temporary, pleasure is temporary, satisfaction is temporary. The fun stops, the money runs out, pleasure ends. What good will inheritance do, when you are out of the will of God? What good will that piece of paper do, when the land is not prospering?

He settled! He was ashamed to run back, he assumed father was mad at him, and would not take him back, but all along…

His father was waiting on him! He was waiting on his son’s return!

Son and prodigal daughter, your father is waiting on you, come home, your father is waiting with open arms. It’s not worth it! The pleasure, the money? None of it is worth it!  Open your eyes, and come home. 

A Table of Delight is ready and set to feed your soul.

Come home!


If you are a prodigal and simply have no place to go, don’t know what to do, stuck in the same old, same old, send me an email, I’d be glad to pray with you, and talk with you!

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