The BIBLE, what is this book?


The BIBLE– “Biblical instructions before leaving earth“, are passed down from one generation to the next. Jewels, treasures and mysteries are found within this HOLY book. Stories, examples, commands, advice for life, and so much more are found within this book.

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The bible is full of personal examples of everyday men and women that lived life, made mistakes, cleaned their act, and experienced the GLORY of GOD, the supreme ruler, full of authority and POWER. This BOOK is FULL of spiritual insights, and knowledge, can bring HOPE and rescue the seeker, but is rejected time and time again.

Many are too busy to read this book, and others make excuses, but the FACT stands that this BOOK will truly CHANGE your life.

I am a personal witness of how GOD takes an imperfect vessel, and turns it into a vessel of his GLORY! I am not the same as I was before, my thoughts are not the same, my walk is not the same, even my speech is not the same.

»» Where I was proud I am now humble.

»» Where I was angry I am now patient.

»» Where there was hate, there’s now love.

»» Where there was gossip, and slander, there is NOW understanding.

»» Where there was guilt and condemnation, there is now HOPE, and FAITH, and GRACE.

»» I am a living TESTIMONY, and my story is DAILY written! ««

»»»You can read all the books in the world but this book exceeds them all! YOU can have all the knowledge in the world but never have enough of this BOOK or even come close to it «««

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Scholars cannot explain it, fools cannot reject it. Haters try to destroy it, but love sweeps the haters away

Do you read the bible but don’t quite understand it? Do you want to understand it, but are not BORN again? Too busy to read the word, fighting the enemy without the SWORD in your hand? Deceived by the world, tricked by the enemy, manipulated, and controlled.


I totally get you. At one point in my life, I too was busy, and did not understand scriptures, fought without a weapon in my hand, wounded and hurt, confused and lost. I have been there!

I understand the struggle, and here to HELP!

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Three months ago I had started a Journey of going through the GOSPELS once again, but this time I decided to invite people along on my Journey. Come and be part of it, hear the insights, learn and apply! YOU are NOT going to be the same!

Parables, Stories and Testimonies from my own life, insights, and wisdom shared by the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, that make the BIBLE come alive!

There’s HELP when you need it.

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