We as a BODY MUST RISE up and PRAY for God to protect, shield, and ARISE as a DEFENSE for ISRAEL, to cancel every attack against Israel, declare every plan, and assignment NULL and VOID in Jesus name!

No weapon formed against Israel shall prosper, and every tongue of condemnation shall be SILENCED ON the POWER and AUTHORITY Of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH. No evil shall befall Israel, no disaster come near it’s tent. Lord command angels to guard Israel in all it’s ways. Lift them up in your hands, so that they will NOT strike their foot against a stone. Your people, are my people Lord!

Rescue them, protect them, we call upon your name! Be with them through trouble, deliver them, and honor them, with long life satisfy them, and show them your salvation. Salvation in no other name, but the name of Jesus!

The whole WORLD will recognize God’s POWER, and his hand of Protection on Israel!

But WE must do our part!! Intercessors, Warriors of GOD must RISE UP at this HOUR, and PRAY on behalf of Israel.

When we PRAY God moves to the obedience of his people. Let’s RISE up and STAND WITH Israel at this hour.

Irrespective of beliefs, denominations, cultures and races, let’s PRAY with ONE MIND, in ONE accord, and one PURPOSE. #UNITEDweSTAND #DIVIDEDweFALL


Hear our prayer Lord!

We are your people called by your name, we humble ourselves to PRAY, and seek your face. We confess our sins before you, we reject the idols, and shatter high places, and ask your mercy upon the Land! Heal our LAND LORD! Show up for your people, and hear our call! ”

You are the AVENGER of your righteous ones! We stand on our behalf, you bring those to justice, who accused us for no apparent reason. You STAND on our behalf. The same pit that they dug for others, will be the VERY pit they fall into. The SAME stone they rolled over others will squander them in Jesus name.

ARISE in our DEFENSE Lord!

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Where hearts IGNITE with HOPE for a BRIGHTER tomorrow 

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