I did not have the desire for the things of God, or even the pursuit to chase what God called me to do, do you perhaps feel this way?

People often misunderstand me because of the passion, desire and pursuit I tend to express, without FULLY understanding the PICTURE.

PRICE was paid, life was changed, passions ignited, pursuits awakened, transformation that TOOK PLACE

You see for MANY years I did not have the desire for the things of God, or even the pursuit to chase what God called me to do, because of selfish desires, and carnal pursuits of this LIFE. If you knew me in the past, you would wonder how in the world did GOD change me, or how does he even speak, or use me.


I was a rebellious teenager, in pursuit of the treasures and pleasures that left me empty, hungry, and hanging. I was an angry woman full of bitterness, hate, and misunderstanding. Pride was my drive, and arrogance was my vehicle. I rejected everyone who meant well for me, and walked with my head held high. I have went through much to be where I am, and where GOD is taking me… MUCH! For many years my passion has been OUTSIDE of the will of God, and my focus was in the wrong place. Pleasures and treasures of life, blinded my vision, clouded my focus, and derailed me from my purpose, and calling. I chased people, rather than my identity and purpose. I played my cards well, to be liked, and highly exalted. Filled my soul with pollution, and darkened my spirit with poison. Sin was rampant in my life…Until God himself took hold of me, and transformed me from the inside out!

Sad, lost, and confused, with no way out

to being

Filled with the LOVE of GOD

You see my desire comes from years of hunger and thirst, passion comes from years and years of pursuing the wrong crowds, and my pursuit comes from not being driven, or purpose filled.

I am driven because I did not have the drive. I am hungry because I missed out, and was starving. I am passionate, because Jesus Himself was quite passionate on the cross for me.

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