Remove idols, shatter high places.


I was seeking the Lord in prayer this morning, when I saw a pathway, but instead of a clear pathway, there were idols standing in the way, and something like high alters blocking from walking forward..

I heard

Idols and high places known as fear, doubt, and despair, men, places, and statuses

were those blockages.

I began to seek God on it, and what I have received next was astonishing. As I heard it, I brought it to my prayer God’s Warriors group, and we immidiately dove in to pray for revelation concerning this vision. When I receive revelations from the throne of Grace, I write it as I see it, hear it, and perceive it.

The following are words that were spoken to me, as I wrote them down

What oftentimes blocks us from prospering, growing, and developing in our relationship with God, is the idols, and high places, we unknowingly place before us, and God.

Idols are anything we put before God, and high places is anything we exalt above God, and his word. THESE things; because we trust in them, fail us and dissapoint us instead, misdirect us, derail us, distract us, causing despair, fear, doubt activate in our lives, rather than FAITH and confidence in God. Fear keeps us still, doubt throws us into confusion, swings us back and forth, and despair discourages us from trying, and from moving forward in action.

We loose our focus of God, and instead put our confidence in that which we see rather than walk by FAITH. We place our trust in feelings, and emotions, rather than submitting to the word of God, and because we trust in those things, consequences follow.

We must not lean on our understanding, because our understanding, and carnal way of thinking often fails us. We must submit to God, and his word, and he will direct our path.

In the olden days Israelite’s also erected idols, and set up high places. THIS is what blocked them, kept them from prospering, and entering into their promise land. Grumbling and complaining is doubting God, fearing people rather than God, is placing trust in men, rather than God. Men oftentimes fail us, are are prone to making mistakes. We fall into feeling and emotions rather than trusting God, which will cause us to fall into despair. Men oftentimes fail us, are are prone to making mistakes, but NOT GOD. GOD never leaves us, nor forsakes us!

We must instead submit to the authority of God, and be led by the spirit of God. For sons, and daughters of Christ are not led by carnal nature, but, but BY THE SPIRIT.

The only thing that should be on those alters are God, and the things of God, but yet we place things that would block us, and hinder us from entering into the promises of God

We must reject idols, and shatter high places, and invite the Lord back on the throne of our lives if we ever desire to have that relationship with him, and walk into our promised land.

Our children, spouses, jobs, ministries, families, treasures, and pleasures of this world can be idols to us. People, ministers, careers, and even our statuses can be our high places without realizing.

Examine your heart today, what is on the THRONE of your life, who is the KING of your universe? If it’s not GOD confess your faults, ask for forgiveness, turn around in your actions, invite the Lord back on the throne of your life, and watch the blessing of God flow, like never before.”

Where hearts ignite with HOPE for BRIGHTER tomorrow!

Have you been blessed by what you received, pass it on, SHARE IT, bless someone else in return!

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