OVERCOMER through the blood


Five years ago when I stepped on this Journey of Faith, but didn’t have the most important weapon at my side. I nearly failed, I nearly fained, nearly gave in, ready to throw in the towel…

I would go through my struggles, and feel like I’m alone in this. I would face trials, and think this is never going to end, fires would engulf all around me, I would be pinned to the wall, chained to the grown.

I could not see anything else, but what the enemy presented before me. Like a fool I would indulge on what he offered me, and reject the blessing of God.

I had not studied my word. Like Martha I would be concerned about daily affairs, that I forget the most important part. To spend time at the feet of GOD. I was chasing the pleasures, and treasures of this world, but forget to seek the face of God.

I would have no prayer life, RUNNING ON empty, filled with frustrations of life, no communion with God, just religion, no weapon on my side, no armor to protect myself from onslaught of the enemy.

I was reading the word, yes but I did not study the word. I would go to church but clock out soon as I left that place. There was no power, no authority in my life, no changes, no growth, no spiritual development…

Just bones

I believed the lies, deception surrounded me, pack of wolves was ready to devour me. I accepted condemnation, confusion never left my side. I trusted fear, and doubt was my companion. Compromise was pushing me, tolerance threatened me, and indifference was not far from me.

Had I known my word, I would have not believed those lies. Had I studied my scripture, I would have send fear, doubt, and every other foul spirit packing. I would have declared words of faith into the atmosphere, and shut down the lies of the enemy. I would have not believed my feelings, but rather went to the word, and searched the scriptures.


So many of us, lean on our own understanding, rather than seek God We seek to understand, we seek to make sense, trust our feelings, led by emotions, what we think and what we feel, that we forget to ask how GOD feels, and what he thinks.

WHAT DOES YOUR WORD SAY GOD? WHAT do you say about my circumstance and situation.

Faith is not knowing, but believing! Faith is trusting, even if doesn’t make sense. Faith is stepping out, when no one else will, and trusting GOD to provide the rest of the way, EVEN when I don’t see it!

I remember warring without my weapon, the WORD OF GOD, armor , and shield of faith, and the enemy was laughing at me, he would talk to me, and like a fool I would answer him, like a fool I would debate him, like a fool I would engage in conversations. He would then condemn me, and shame me, and here I would be walking in my chains, staring at the ground, unforgiveness, and shame.

Like a prisoner I would be chained to the ground, with no hope in sight, no rescue on my horizon…


I noticed my bible at the end of my table, and words of life filled my soul, understanding arrived, and wisdom showed up at my side.

You are keeping me from the Word because you know how powerful I would be with a weapon at my side. You keep me away, distract me, because you know my Destiny and who I am with Christ.

Zeal of GOD rose up within me, drive rose up within me, determination rose up, COURAGE, and Boldness came to the top, and I remember declaring words of FAITH into the atmosphere. Words ofaffirmation, words of hope, and not condemnstion. I remember decreeing truth, and shutting down lies. I REMEMBER moving like a ninja piercing every lie, and accusation.

To this day I don’t allow the enemy to speak into my life. I shut down his lies and take them captive, the minute he speaks. I speak the WORD of GOD, and immediately he shuts up, immediately condemnation, accusation of the enemy is taken captive.

I have the authority of God, I have power from above, he has given me dominion, over every enemy I face, and the weapon in my hand, is capable of destroying thousands.

You cannot go to war, unprepared. You cannot war with your feelings and emotions. You cannot move without God. Raise up that sword, that shield. Put on the FULL armor of God with which you can extinguish the lies of the enemy. Take those thoughts, and ideas captive, and seal them with the seal, and approval of GOD.

Today I am a WARRIOR, and a soldier of GOD. I DON’T allow whispers to continue, lies to be planted. I Shut it down, take it captive, and keep moving towards my Destiny. I don’t have time to stop, no time to look around, no time to listen to the lies. My mind is made up, and I’m not stopping! I put all of hell on notice, you can’t shut a child of God down.”

If you have been blessed, pass on the favor, and God bless!

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