ALL AUTHORITY, POWER, has been given to us…


In the last week or so, we have felt defeated in our bodies, discouraged in our spirits, and dismayed in the inner core of our soul. We felt powerless, weak, and even discouraged at times, felt like giving up, and even threw our towel to the side…

Prayer did not flow like before, worship even didn’t flow like it used to, and praise was seldom on our lips. The enemy lied to us, he tried to tell us God left us, he doesn’t care, he abandoned us, satan whispered lies, and deception blinded us. Authority, power and dominion was taken from us, right from under our noses, and we have missed it.

We have bought the lies of satan and his minions. We have believed his lies. Our feeings and emotions rose up to tell us how to feel, and think about our situations. Doubts rose up, fear wasn’t far behind, and unbelief was right around the corner waiting to snatch us, and devour us, with no mercy in sight. We were led as a sheep to a slaughter, until GOD stepped in.

All hell came up against us, to dismantle the power and authority of GOD, BUT GOD prevailed in our situation, when we cried out in desperation.

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A few days ago, as we were praying in prayer group, I felt the need to pray for OUR DIVINE AUTHORITY in Christ Jesus, as his children, and heir to the throne. I felt as if someone came in and took our authority, and power, when we weren’t fully on guard. Something was missing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The enemy send a smoke screen to prevent us from seeing, he send illusions our way, to distract us. Our situations, and circumstances blinded us, we fell asleep, forgetting to watch, and be on guard, at all times. Some have been found sound asleep, lulled and rocked by situations, and circumstances around us, and the enemy sneaked in, and took what was ours, from underneath our very noses.

I rose up to pray, but also felt opposition coming up against me at that moment. The more I prayed, the more weaker I became. The more I pressed in, the more freedom I gained. The LORD reminded me of the power to trample my every enemy under my feet. I am also reminded of this powerful vision I once saw of the snake under my feet. I rose up in my authority, with Sword in my hand, and commanded every evil to flee, every disaster to be set far from our tents.

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We as children of God have the authority to trample every evil under our feet. The power that is in our hand, belongs to us, and dominion is given to us as believers. We cannot sit back, and allow these minions to take what belongs to us. We cannot quietly sit and observe while he is taking our children, spouses, families, creates havoc, and leads people astray through deception, control, and manipulation.

As warriors of God we must Rise up in our authority, and command the enemy to let them go. Command the enemy to take his hands off what is ours. Command the enemy to flee, and scatter seven different ways, finding no rest, until it devours itself.

Matthew 28:18–19

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore…

When God created man, He gave man authority to have dominion over everything on earth (see Genesis 1:26)

By death on the cross, Jesus righteously restored all that man had lost. That is why, just before He went back to heaven, He said, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore…” Those words tell us that He has transferred His authority to us. Whats HIS is ours, and what’s ours is his. We become ONE with Jesus when we crucified our flesh on the cross, and were buried with him through baptism, RESURACTED through the POWER of his blood. The same authority that Jesus Christ had over the storm, evil spirits, sicknesses, diseases and even death is now ours to use, and exercise.

So when we hear reports of sicknesses, diseases, dispair, fear, confusion and pain, we must instead DECLARE TRUTH

By the authority given to me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, no evil shall befall me, no disaster come near my tent. Command your angels, to guard me in all of my ways. My foot will not dash against the stone. No weapon formed against me and those connected to me, shall ever prosper in Jesus name. Psalm 91

Then plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and them

” By His blood, my family has been redeemed from this and every other curse send to destroy us.”

My friend, warriors, the authority which has been restored to us is not just the authority on earth which man had before the fall, but Jesus complete authority in heaven and on earth, transferred to us as his children, with POWER, AUTHORITY, DOMINION and the enemy under our feet.

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