Create in me a clean heart Lord


Day 14

Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a right and steadfast spirit within me.


As humans we are in a battle. Bombarded with all types of things,and people around us. We are bound to encounter things that are not line with God, we see things that pollute our spirit, and we are influenced by the opinion, and behavior of others. There is no escape.

We are in constant need of a cleansing.

Sometimes we think things that are not in line with God, thoughts that exalt against the WORD of GOD and we pollute our hearts with those thoughts. Sometimes we do things that are not pleasing to him, and behave in a way, that would dishonor him. Like David I want to constantly check my heart, and renew my spirit. If there is anything in me, that does not please him, remove it far from me.



I desire to be honoring to you, pleasing to you, reflective of you, if there is anything in me that is polluting that image, Father remove it far from me. Cleanse my spirit, renew my spirit, create in me a clean heart; void of wrong intentions, and motives, void of pollution, and dirt. Renew a right, and steadfast spirit within me. Help me to stand on the righteous path, grounded in your word, following your commands, keeping my focus on you. Amen!

My friend it is important to cleanse your mind, DAILY, renew your thoughts, DAILY, check your heart DAILY, examine motives and intentions DAILY!


If this has blessed you, PASS it on!

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