Watch your heart with all deligence


Day 16


Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.


You have probably heard this verse quoted many times across the pulpit, via social media, or even came across in the BIBLE; I know I have. We have heard it, quote it, but do we apply it? Do we practice what we read? Do we put the WORD of God into action, to be active in our lives?

We must not only read, and walk away without change, we must read, then apply the WORD, walking away CHANGED.

What we hear, what we see, what we choose to entertain goes deep into our hearts. The things we watch on television, scroll across on social media; the things we hear, and listen to; things we perceive, and emotions we allow tend to influence us, and have a huge impact on our lives, and those we are connected to.


What we put in, even without knowledge, gets stored in our unconsciousness, which then comes out of our mouth, into our lives, and those around us, like river of living waters, spreading into our communities, and into our behaviors. We must pay close attention, and be careful about our actions.

To guard is to carefully watch with persistence and diligence. To examine, and watch over in order to protect and defend that which destroys our soul, body, and spirit. The negative talk, conversations that steer us the wrong way, images that distract us from our path, sounds that exalt against the WORD and knowledge of God. We must examine every thought, and take every foreign thought captive, put every negative image on lock-down, and throw away the keys.


When the enemy comes around, in a form of your friend, or loved one but speaks negativity, reject and protect yourself, guard your heart. Don’t allow any type of conversations go on, or negativity spring forth, because what you are around, will eventually flow into your heart.

My friend examine your thoughts daily, your actions, behaviors, conversations, and if there’s any negative talk, take it captive, don’t allow it to linger on, or continue on, shut it down, change the subject, stay far far away from it.


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