Take those lies captive!


The heavy spirit that weights upon Adventism is a spirit of Rejection. This spirit constantly feels rejected, abandoned, unaccepted, unloved, unworthy, undervalued, unappreciated, and devalued.

This spirit springs from the feeling of being rejected by God, family members, and other people, and can attach quickly, because of not being able to measure up to his standards, or not being good enough for others, WHICH IS A LIE!


GOD loves us, and accepts us as we are! We can never do anything to earn his favor, he loves us unconditionally without any effort on our part. But he desires that we come to HIM willingly, surrendering all of our troubles at his feet.

As a former Ex SDA, and a religious fanatic, who has fed on those lies, and accepted those deceptive thoughts, and manipulations, I cancel those lies right now, and take those manipulations/deceptions captive!

We can never be good enough, that is why we need Jesus, to cleanse us from our unrighteousness. We can never wear enough holy clothing, or obey his commands, this is why we need the CROSS daily, to lay our burdens at his feet!

I take that lie captive and shut the mouth of a lion right now! You cannot lie, you cannot manipulate, you cannot deceive, you have been found out, and a thief that has been caught is to pay back sevenfold, even if it cost him his kingdom. Listen I put you on notice, and vacate your presence.

The people of God have had enough of on your bullying, take your paws off, and stay far far away!

To the people who feel unloved, unworthy, and rejected!

You are worthy, you are good enough, you are loved, you are accepted, you are treasured, his special possession, holy priesthood, his holy nation. Reject his lies, denounce those ties, and walk away in freedom

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Pray this PRAYER

Father, it is against you and you alone have I sinned. I trusted, and depended on the lie, rather than your truth. I made covenant with lies, and agreed with manipulation, and deception, and I’m sorry! I truly did not know what I was doing! Set me free Lord! I desire to walk in your freedom, and taste your goodness. I cannot continue to grasp lies, continue to eat these empty promises, help me reject them. I confess that I am a sinner, and in need of you Daily! Lord I need you! Come and fill my heart ♡♡ amen!

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